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Hello and welcome to Fireworks. My name is Katie and I created Fireworks wayyyy back in 2011, when browsing blogs such as LLYMLRS and Daisybutter became an everyday occurrence and I thought, hey, I fancy creating my own little corner of the internet too. And so, on Monday 11th October 2011, I created a Blogger account and here we are today.

I first ventured into blogging and websites back in the early 2000s when Matmice was the Facebook of the day. I don't remember that much about Matmice apart from it being the norm to put as many of those glitter gifs on as possible and that having tonnes of Dollz on your website made you the coolest person at school. I also had No Doubt - Don't Speak on auto play and I'm pretty sure I had some little love hearts fall from the top of the screen too.

Then when I was 16, (and dialup was no longer a thing, hooray!) I got into MSN Groups. I thank MSN Groups for really getting me into creating and designing things and it was my first baby steps into proper blogging. I had so many websites throughout the time, I had a Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco fansite, Harry Potter fansite, My Chemical Romance fansite and so many more. I taught myself HTML and graphic design using some tutorial MSN Groups and back in the day I was pretty good. I nurtured those sites every day after school, then 6th form and I'm pretty pleased of the way I got blogging.

Fast forward to a 21 year old Katie and I'd just finished doing a BTEC National Diploma in Journalism and I had no idea what to do with my life apart from watch The Hills, shop, go to Costa and think I was living the high life by doing all those three things whilst having a Blackberry. Thankfully I decided to cut down on The Hills, shopping and Costa trips and get my arse to uni, which I started in 2013. I graduated last year with a First Class Honours in Journalism and I'm so proud of myself for achieving something I never thought I would.

I'm now a 26 year old and I now work full time as a content executive for a SEO and digital marketing company in Leeds. My blog has helped me get a job and I always spoke about it in any job interviews I've had. I live in a beautiful flat which I fell in love with the minute we saw it in the window of the estate agent.

If you've managed to read to the end, thank you! Make sure you light a candle, stick the kettle on and enjoy reading Fireworks.

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