Monday, 2 January 2017

How To Make A Rented House Feel Like A Home

I'm going into my third year of renting, after living in two student houses and now a beautiful rented flat with my boyfriend. I've found it really hard to really make a rented space feel like my own, without risking losing some of the deposit by blu-tacking or nailing photos to the wall.

I've learnt some tips over the past couple of years on how to put your own spin on someone else's decor style and I thought I'd share them with you. Some might be obvious, but some might find it helpful! I was kind of inspired by Anna at Don't Cramp My Style, who gives her readers some great help and advice on a lot of different aspects to renting and also has a really cool interior style!

Make the most of what's already in the walls
If it's in your contract that you CAN pin things or blu-tack things to your walls, then go for it! Unfortunately I can't, which means I have to make the most of what's already in the walls. If you have a look around your house/apartment, look for any pins, nails or hooks that are already in the walls and make the most of those. I've managed to hang a few frames and decor bits without having too put a single nail in the wall!

Command Strips are your saviour
These clever little strips are a life saviour in rented houses. We haven't got round to using ours yet, but my boyfriend used them to hang his Marvel canvases in his previous rented house. As long as you follow the instructions and use them properly, they don't damage walls or paintwork. For the time being, we've put the canvases rested on the radiator in the living room which I love the look of.

Bring in pops of colour
We got pretty lucky as the sofas, dining table and chairs are all my style. Rented properties are known for having dated and horrible furniture so I'm thankful for a little bit of IKEA in the flat! Since the flat is mainly brick walls and white walls, I like to add some pops of colour with my multi-coloured rug, cushions and throws. This really helps brighten up the flat and is renting-safe!

Fairy lights, fairy lights and more fairy lights...
I don't think I've ever been in Primark without coming out with a box of cute fairy lights. I love how lights can really make a place feel all cosy and more like a home. Make use of the space you have to put lights, we have a maisonette where one of the bedrooms is, so we've wrapped some LED fairy lights around the railing which looks really pretty on a evening.

I hope this has been useful for some people. I'm hoping to do some more renting advice posts, as I've had some positive experiences and negative experiences whilst renting.

Enjoy your day!
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