Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How to get that digital job

Getting a job in the digital or creative industry is hella competitive. You probably don’t want to hear that after slogging away for three years doing a degree that you love, only to find getting a job after you graduate extremely competitive.

I did a Journalism degree and at first, I was so passionate about working for a paper, or an online news outlet. Writing was always something I enjoyed from when I was little and journalism seemed to make sense for me as the ideal career. I really enjoyed the journalism aspect of my degree, from writing up news stories, to interviewing and going out and finding a story. I did however end up doing some more and digital and creative modules throughout my degree, such as PR and social media, and it really solidified by love for digital and social media.

After graduating, I decided to go down a content and PR route. I ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was interested in. Creating content, tick. Social media, tick. Digital, tick. Speaking to interesting people, tick. The list is endless!

After job hunting for a few months after graduating, I've learnt a lot along the way. My advice will probably not help everyone, and it may seem obvious to some, but I do hope that at least one person out there can find some use out of it.

Experience, experience, experience

This is one of the most obvious bits of advice and is something that your lecturers will already be encouraging you to do, but experience is so vital.

I took pretty much all of the experiences and opportunities given to me while at uni. It not only makes you CV sparkle, but you learn so much from gaining experience in the field you want to work in.

During my final year, I volunteered in the press office at West Yorkshire Police. This was hands down my favourite nugget of experience I’ve ever done. I not only gained experience in a busy, working environment, but I was also able to put the police down as my CV. A major organisation such as the police looks amazing on a CV! I met some lovely people and I really enjoyed my time there.

I also did some bits of social media experience during my second year. For six weeks, I helped organise a book festival at my uni, as well as live tweet, and provided several clients with social media support. One client was a Citizen Advice Bureau branch in Leeds and I went back for a further six weeks for more social media support during my last year.

Create a blog

If you’re looking for a job in content, PR, social media or even marketing, and you love writing, make sure you create a blog.

Having a blog not only looks great on your CV, but it also helps you develop your writing style, and how you connect with the media and PRs. My blog has always been brought up in interviews I’ve had, and it’s the perfect visual form of evidence that shows that you can fit the requirements of the job you’re applying for.

Keep in touch with vital contacts

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep in touch with people who you’ve done work experience for, or have met on a professional level. Make sure to connect with people you’ve met or worked for on LinkedIn, it’s one of the best tools for graduates and professionals out there. Hello job opportunities!?

During my six week social media experience, I went to a marketing agency in Leeds to provide LinkedIn training. I connected with a lady who was organising the training at the agency and around a year and a half later after I graduated, she connected with me and told me about a job opportunity in social media. I got the job and worked there for a few months, so it really shows how vital LinkedIn is.

LinkedIn is also great for recruiters. There are plenty of recruiters out there who specialise in the creative and digital industry, so whether you’re after a job in marketing, social media, content or PR, there are people out there who get paid to find you a job.

Put a portfolio together

If you’ve done a creative degree, whether that’s in arts or media, you’re more than likely to know how important it is to put a portfolio of work together for interviews.

I printed all of my bits and pieces of published work, examples of my blog, social media engagement and anything that I was proud of. I wanted to show what I've achieved through my degree and work experience and employers love seeing work you've done in the past. I’ve also taken an iPad to previous interviews, as it’s a great way to present any presentations, a digital portfolio, a website or a blog.

Having physical evidence of what you’ve accomplished and achieved is so worthwhile for your career development, so spend some time putting one together!

I really hope that this post is useful for you! I am no expert – it may take someone 2 months or 9 months to find that perfect graduate job. However, these bits of advice and tips are what I’ve picked up when I was at university, and since I’ve graduated.

I’d really love to know how your job hunting is going, or if you have any questions for how to start looking for a creative job!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Taking the wheel

When I was younger, I was never had an interest in driving. I, unlike most people, didn’t start driving lessons when I was 17, as I never really had any passion in wanting to learn.

It wasn’t really a case of ‘I can’t be bothered’, I just didn’t really want to. This attitude crept into my early twenties, and last year I decided enough was enough and I needed to get behind the wheel and start taking driving lessons.

I’ll admit I was a nervous wreck on my first lesson. I didn’t really like my instructor at all, she would quickly get ratty and annoyed at me if I did something wrong and she couldn’t see that I was struggling. Once she said; “Oh you’re just not getting this are you?!?!”, which crushed my confidence. I decided not to continue with her after she ghosted my messages and phone calls.

My second instructor was amazing. My confidence grew so much with her. She praised me when I did something well, and gave me constructive criticism when I did something not so well. She was an amazing instructor and I quickly built my confidence with her.

I stopped having lessons around October time, as I started to prepare to move into the flat my boyfriend and I share. I moved in November and the first month or so was unpacking and settling in time. Christmas and New Year came, and so did the beginning of the year and my birthday in March and I still hadn’t got back into my lessons. I have to admit that the break made me lose motivation and I grew nervous and anxious about taking them again.

I’ve now had a few lessons with a new instructor who is really nice and she as helped build my confidence up for the second time. I’m trying to beat my anxiety around them; I was feeling anxious about them up to three days before I had a lesson. I’ll get there.

When I do pass, I can’t wait to get a car and be able to drive to whereever I want. The chance to make new memories and see new places is one I can’t wait to grab.

I know when I do get a car, I know tyre safety is something very important. The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on both can and van tyres is 1.6 millimetres; across 75% of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. If your tyres don’t meet the legal limit, you’re going to have a get some brand new shiny tyres to make sure the car you drive is safe.

If you’re from West Yorkshire like me, Ossett Tyre House in Wakefield* (or Wakey for you Leeds/Wakefield readers!), offer a service where you can reserve the tyres you need online, so you don’t need to make a online payment, and pay for the tyres during the fitting. They do the fitting at their Ossett deport, or they do a mobile fitting service to the wider West Yorkshire area.

I’d love to know if there any any other nervous drivers out there!

*Collaborative post; all words are my own. Legal limit information is taken from Ossett Tyre House website.
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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Taking a well needed break

I feel like everyone needs some time off every so often to relax and unwind. I’ve had a stressful few months since I last had some time off work, so I decided to book a week off for my boyfriend’s birthday.

We didn’t have any major plans at the time, but then his mum organised for us to go away for a couple of days at the Lake District. So after counting down the days until my week off, we finally packed up and headed to Lake Windermere.

But, before I delve into my lovely little trip, our week off started on the Friday after work, when my boyfriend and I, went to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in concert. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a film showing but with a LIVE ORCHESTRA. So basically that Harry Potter music that makes the hairs on your arms stick up with nostalgia (at least it does for me!), was even better with a live orchestra. The conductor was amazing and encouraged the audience to boo and clap at our favourite, or least favourite characters and which resulted in an lovely interactive experience!

On the Saturday, we went for a meal and a few drinks. We went to Almost Famous, one of my favourite burger eateries in Leeds. I definitely recommend it if you live in Leeds or plan on visiting! The following day we travelled to Manchester, where my boyfriend is from, for a pre-birthday meal with his family (there were a lot of meals during my week off!).

Monday saw us we set off to Lake Windermere! We stayed in a lovely B&B called St John’s Lodge. The room was lovely and all of the staff were friendly and made a big effort to make sure our stay was lovely! I’ve never stayed in a B&B before, I’ve always opted for chain hotels so it was a nice change. We went for a boat ride on Monday afternoon and had a lovely meal in a local restaurant in the evening.

Tuesday was a beautiful day, it was so hot and sunny! We went for a walk to the lake, went in some of the local shops and made a pit stop at a local pub opposite the lake which had a lovely outdoor area with amazing views! We re-visited the same pub in the evening for tea and I had the most amazing fish and chips ever!

We travelled back to Manchester on Wednesday morning and spent the rest of the week relaxing, going to another lake (this time in Rochdale!), eating more ice-cream and going to a few more pubs! It was so lovely to have a week to spend doing what we wanted and the break away from work and the general day-to-day grind was much needed.

We're planning a couples weekend in Blackpool in July, so I have another trip to look forward to! Do you have any trips planned?
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Friday, 5 May 2017

How to manage blogging whilst working full time

Back when I first started my blog, I was working part-time so I found it really easy to plan the content for my blog and upload my blog posts. As I had more free time back before uni and full-time jobs, I would often blog around two or even three times a week (oh how I miss those days!). However, now I’m working full-time and fallen prey to the ‘I have no time to do anything other than sleep, eat and go to work’ routine, it’s gotten a little harder to find the time to sit down and do what I love to do; create content.

Surprisingly, despite working full-time and feeling like I have little time to keep organised, I have recently managed to get myself on track with keeping organised with my blog. I work in content marketing and get paid to write content and blog posts for clients, so I think this has helped me see the more business side of blogging.

I sometimes envy the full-time bloggers of the blogosphere who get blog on what they really love every single day. However, if you work full-time, or even part-time (it’s always good to keep organised!), I’ve listed how I like to keep on top of blogging whilst juggling a social life and job and I hope it inspires you to get a little more organised.

Create a content calendar

I’ve always had some kind of plan of what content I’m going to create, however I usually write my ideas down in a notebook, with no real plan or schedule for the post idea. I’m a big stationary fan, so I usually end up with ideas dotted in several notebooks, which isn’t the most organised way to do things!

Before I started working in content marketing, I had never really heard of content calendars. Where had they been all my blogging life?! They are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to planning in your content.

I usually note down a title (sometimes provisional!), overview on what the post will be about, links to either similar content or resources that I might use, what image ideas I have to accompany the post and a due date. I don’t always stick to the due date, as sometimes I want to switch around the order I upload the posts, or I have plans that day.

I’ve created a blank Excel document with the format I use (and what I use for clients at work) that you can download and edit for free by clicking on the link below. Please let me know if you use it! :) 


Log blog post ideas in a designated notebook

I can literally think of a blog post wherever I am. I’ve thought of ideas whilst at work, in the shower and before going to sleep, so I always like to keep a notebook on me where possible.

I have some post-it notes on my bed side table, so I can jot down ideas whilst in bed and simply pop the note on my wall so it’s easy to remember that I have a new idea. I now have a dedicated notebook for ideas and it’s a convenient size to carry around with me in my bag. I usually keep my ideas stored in there until I come to scheduling my posts in my content calendar.

Take the pressure off by ditching the deadlines

Despite having a due date field in my content calendar, I don’t often use it. Instead, I usually plan my blogging schedule around my life schedule. Sometimes I can forget that I have dinner plans on a Tuesday, or cinema plans, and for that reason I tend to choose one or two days throughout the week to write posts and take photos.

I usually upload my post straight after I’ve written it and put it all together, but sometimes I schedule for it to be uploaded on a specific date or time.

I find that if I take the pressure off having deadlines and due dates for posts, it makes blogging a lot more enjoyable. I’ve often found myself in the situation of when I’ve realised a post needs creating today and I’ve come home from a long day at work and all I want to do is get into my PJs, watch The Office (the American version is the best!) and catch up on YouTube videos for the rest of the evening. Taking the pressure off deadlines means I can come home and write posts when I’m in the blogging mood.

Schedule tweets

I have managed a few social accounts for clients and I never knew how important it is to schedule tweets until then. If you work full-time, or just have a busy life, you physically don’t have the time to sit and promote your blog in real time. This is where social media management apps and websites come in.

I’ve used a few over time, including Sendible and Buffer. The ones that are usually more user friendly and generally easier to use are often the ones that come with a fee, but they are some really good free ones out there, such as Twittimer.

I schedule tweets to go out through the day (around three or four per day) and this makes is so much easier to promote your blog whilst at work or out and about. The only downside is that it’s impossible to monitor engagement from followers without doing so in real time, so if you get a reply to a tweet, you have to make sure you check your Twitter every so often throughout the day to respond and keep up your engagement.

I really hope these tips have helped you, I’d love to know if they have! I’d also really love to know if you have any other tips to keeping organised with your blog.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

My top 5 favourite homeware buys this month

Every month I basically spend most of my wage in Homesense, Home Bargains, Primark and Wilko. I love to find those hidden gems that are hard to find, but when you find them you feel a flutter of excitement.

I’m not quite sure if this will be a one-off post or a series, as I am trying to save a little more and to not buy the things I don’t really need for a while. However, here are my favourite things I have bought past month/six weeks.

Diamond honeycomb decorations

I picked these up a couple of weeks ago from Homesense for £2.50 and I adore the Spring pastel colours! I have a new obsession with any kind of honeycomb decorations and I try and find any bit of hanging space available so I can hang some around the flat. These are by Talking Tables, which is a really nice party brand and their website is full of lots of pretty inspiration.

Mint side table

This is probably my favourite thing that I’ve bought this month and I couldn’t get out of the shop quick enough! I picked this beauty up for £9.99 from Homesense and I really love the lovely mint colour. I wasn’t really looking for a side table for the flat, but I knew it would look lovely next to the armchair we have.

Gold cat teabag dish

I picked this up fro George Home for £1.50 and it’s so adorable! I’m not really a cat person at all, but I thought it was so sweet. The majority of my kitchen is copper themed, but it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist. I used to work at George Home and they have some amazing trend led homeware in that’s really inexpensive.

Mint utensil holder

This is another Homesense buy (I practically live in there!) and I think it was £4.99. It’s actually a wine cooler, but I really wanted it for a utensil holder. It’s terracotta inside, which is a trend I really love. I have a bit of a thing with utensil holders (much like honeycomb decorations!) and I now have three, who even needs three?!

Framed art prints

I love these art prints that I created with as a little DIY. I picked up the 6 x 4 frames from Wilko for 50p and popped in two pieces of really pretty wrapping paper that I picked up from John Lewis. I have a whole blog post dedicated to how I get my framed art prints for under £5, so make sure to check it out if you’re after some cheap art prints!

What are the fave things you've bought this month? I'd love to know!

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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to get framed art prints for under £5

I love having frames dotted around the flat, they make it feel more homely and lived in. As well as framed photographs, I also love to have framed art prints as they add something extra to my decor.

I’m always on a budget when it comes to decorating my home and the cheaper the better. This doesn’t always apply to the quality of something, I’ve found that you can get just as good quality decor items in shops such as Wilko, Homesense and Home Bargains, compared to what you can get in more expensive retailers. So, when it comes to having framed art and quote prints, I like to find bargains or create my own for less.

Quote print packs

These are a little harder to come by, but check your local Homesense and TK Maxx for packs of quote prints. I picked up a pack of 12 a while ago for £4.99 but they can be quite hard to find as it depends on their stock levels. I’ve hung some of the prints around the flat with copper bulldog clips and have some of them framed too. I picked up this frame from George Home for around £3-£4 and the prints work out at around 42p each (!!!), so this is another print under £5.

Wrapping paper

I recently saw some amazing wrapping paper in John Lewis and I had to buy a sheet of each. I plan on using it for my scrap book and other bits and pieces and I knew it would look great in a frame. I bought two 4 x 6 inch frames from Wilko for 50p each, then measured and cut two 6 x 4 inch pieces of both of the prints for the frames. I love how they turned out and they were so inexpensive. John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Paperchase all have amazing sheets of wrapping paper so it’s worth a look.

Free printables

I’ve already mentioned my love for websites where you can get free printables but they are such an easy way to get really nice prints for free. I print mine off on card, so it’s a little sturdier. You could get them printed off on a better quality paper or card and shops such as Staples or Rymans, offer an inexpensive printing service. I personally prefer to save the pennies and print them off at home.

I always to go Wilko for frames, and sometimes Home Bargains too. These Harry Potter prints were 10 x 8 inches, so I picked up two frames from Wilko for £2.40 each. The total for these two prints were £4.80 which I think is a bargain for good quality prints.

I really hope you can use my post for a little inspiration. If you’re amazing at drawing, typography or graphic design, you could create your own prints to frame too. Most of the frames I get are the ‘Wilko Easy Photo Frame’, as they are so inexpensive. You could of course pay a little extra for your frames if you want your frame to really do the talking!

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Party decoration inspiration

I’ve always been a fan of decorations of any sort, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter or birthdays, I’ll be there sticking banners to the wall and filling the room with balloons. I think this penchant has come from my mother, she does about every crafting hobby going and has decorated every Christmas and birthday during my lifetime with lots of decoration goodies.

It’s my boyfriend’s 21st next month and since we’re now living together, I’m planning on decorating the flat with as much pretty paper fans, pom-poms and balloons, as my bank card will allow. He won’t be bothered in the slightest whether I display a balloon that spells out 'Happy Birthday' on the wall or not, but I’m determined to make the flat as pretty as possible.

My favourite shops and brands for party supplies are Hobbycraft, Card Factory and Ginger Ray. I recently discovered Ginger Ray and oh my lord, it’s like Pinterest spat out a party range. They have all the inflatable balloon banners, tableware, paper honeycomb balls and bunting you could ever want. They have some really nice themes, such as metallic, iridescent, mint ombre and pastel, which are all amazing and I would happily buy one of everything if I was rich. Hobbycraft also sell Ginger Ray, as well as their own range of decorations which are similar, only a little cheaper. Card Factory is my go-to place for cards, balloons and gift wrap since it’s so cheap.

I currently have bought this balloon banner in silver for his birthday. I think the silver will look really nice against my brick wall in my flat! I really want to buy some blue paper fan decorations to hang and some blue balloons too!

I’ve added some lovely photos from Pinterest that have given me party decoration envy, if it is a thing! What are your favourite party decorations?

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Monday, 3 April 2017

How to have a stylish home even if you’re on a budget

I’ve always enjoyed flicking through interior design magazines since my early twenties, and even more so since I’ve moved into my flat. No matter how much I love browsing the pages of Elle Decoration or Living Etc, I’ve always been so put off by the extortionate prices of some of the products they feature. £50 for a cushion?! £200 for a light shade?! In all fairness, if I was being paid a million pounds a year, I probably would spend £50 on a cushion or £200 on a light shade. However, as I'm not (one day!) and I have to manage my money well, including paying the bills and the rent, I like to figure out ways around styling my home cheaply.

I absolutely love magazines such as Your Home and Style At Home as they feature really affordable products and encourage people to do a little DIY and upcycling to save on costs. They feature products from high street shops such as George Home and Wilko, and really affordable products that can add so much style to your home.

I have a lot of people asking me how I manage to get everything so cheap, so I’ve put together some of my advice on having a beautiful home whilst working with a tight budget.

The hidden gems of the high street

The most expensive item in my flat (apart from the furniture as it came with the flat, and the TVs/consoles!), is my floor lamp which I bought from George Home at Asda. It was £40, but I got 20% as I worked for them at the time. The high street is my favourite place for home bits and bobs. My favourites shops are Homesense, Wilkos, Primark Home, George Home, The Range, B&M and Home Bargains. You can get some really good pieces for under £10 in most places. My little side table was £9.99 from Homesense and I absolutely love it! Primark Home offers really good trend-led pieces and I love the little trinkets and signs that they sell.

It’s worth checking the supermarket home brands like George Home at Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s ranges, as you can pick up affordable bits and bobs whilst you do your weekly food shop. Don’t shy away from the Pound shops either. I picked up the cute copper plant pot in a photo further down, from Poundworld and you can’t really tell it was £1.

Get creative
I currently have two pieces of furniture that I’ve upcycled in my flat. I made the little coffee table from an old footstool and I took the lid off, gave it a clean and a lick of paint. The table was free, so it only cost me £2 for two £1 paint tester pots from Wilko. The storage unit was looking a bit shabby when I picked it up (yet another freebie!), so I have it a clean and painted the inside shelves. It cost me £2, again for two tester pots and I couldn’t be any happier with it.

Make sure to look out for bits of old furniture in charity shops too. I recently saw loads of bits of furniture in the British Heart Foundation furniture shops. There were some really cool cabinets and console tables for under £30 that I would love to have bought and gave then a new lease of life.

Look out for freebies
There is nothing better in life than things that are free! I have several framed prints dotted around my flat that cost nothing (apart from the frames!). Pinterest have a lot of inspiration and links to websites that offer free printables. You can get free organising labels, meal planners, calendars and wall art from a lot of places, which you just need to print off and frame yourself. For wall art, I go to Wilko for frames as they have 6 x 4 simple black frames for 50p. I printed off these two Harry Potter watercolour quote prints and bought two 10 x 8 frames for £2.40 each from Wilko, so I got the two framed prints for a under £5.

If you search for ‘free printables’ or ‘free quote printables’, there are lots of resources available to create a stylish (and cheap!) gallery wall.

I’d love to know how you style your home on a budget and feel free to comment with a link to your blog!

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

My dream.... living room

This is my second installment of my ‘My dream…’ series where I talk about what my idea of a dream home would be. My previous post, My dream… kitchen, is already live so if you haven’t seen it, please check it out!

My living room is my favourite place in our flat and the living room has always been my favourite place to relax and spend time in. I spend most of my time in my living room and although I don’t watch much TV, I do like to watch films and read a magazine or book whilst snuggled up on the sofa.

I’m really undecided on how I would like my dream living room. Part of my really wants one wall to be painted a lovely navy or jade green, but I’m not sure if it would look amazing in the summer as it would in the winter and darker months.

I also love crisp white walls with pops of colour, with prints and canvases. Light walls also make a room look and feel bigger and so much lighter too. I really want natural wood floorboards as I love the look of real wood floorboards. In my room back at home, I had floorboards that were painted white and it made my room feel so much lighter and airier. Here at my flat we have like a light hardwood flooring made to mimic real floorboards. As this was a old school, it’s not real floorboards as the building is divided up into 60 or so flats, but it’s nice and light.

I love cushions, so in my dream living room I’m going to have a tonne of cushions on the sofas and armchairs! I would love to have one sofa in a neutral grey or another colour and a couple of armchairs in a really bright colour or pattern. I think it would really help break up the room and make a focal point of the sofas.

I really love my living room. We go lucky that everything is my style and like a blank canvas. The sofas and a really nice colour and are super comfy! I made the little coffee table by upcycling an old footstool. It had a padded lid which I took off using a screwdriver, I then gave it a good clean and painted it a few coats of a matte grey paint that I got from Wilko. I also have a couple of copper door knobs that are beautiful and I’m going to add then to each end when I have the time.

We have a lot of art and posters around the flat. I love the Marvel canvases and the framed movie posters, all of which belong to my boyfriend. We also have a lot of framed prints around and a lot of photos as I really love displaying my favourite photos to remind me of happy memories.

P.S - All photos, apart from the ones of my living room!, are taken from Pinterest.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Papergang subscription box review

Subscription boxes have quickly become a regular monthly treat for many people. The idea of paying £10 or so a month and receiving a lovely box full of treats in the post every month is my idea of heaven. Despite saying this, I’ve only ever ordered one box, and it was the limited edition Harrods version of the Glossybox, wayyyyy back in 2012. You can now get so many different types of boxes, from beauty and makeup to boxes with goodies for your dogs.

One day I decided I really wanted to see if you could get a stationary box and stumbled across Papergang. Papergang is a paper themed box by Ohh Deer, and you can get things such as washi tape, greetings cards and notepads in the boxes. After falling in love with photos of previous months, I decided to order one and wait with anticipation for my box to arrive.

The box is £9.95 plus shipping per month, or you can bulk pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. I decided to pay per month, as I want to be able to choose when, or if, I want to cancel my subscription.

The box for February was designed by Nina Cosford and it’s kind of jungle/travel themed. As it was my first box, I received an iron-on patch of Drew, the mascot for Papergang. He’s really cute, I think I’ll iron him onto a tote bag or something!

I love these organisation pads and this one allows me to write what I’m doing during the week, or a meal plan. It also has space for notes which is useful and doodles which is a really cute addition. I also really love the notepad too. The design is lovely, it’s lined which is really handy and it’s A4. I feel like I don’t often come across nice A4 writing pads.

The greeting card will come in handy for those times when you’ve forgotten to get someone a card. I’m trying to build up a stock of birthday cards so I don’t always have to make the dash to the card shop. The stickers will look great in my scrapbook that I’m currently working on. The calendar is also very cute and it’s currently hanging on my wall in my flat. I like the tropical birds and the green colour. I’ve really been into the tropical interior trend that’s been around Pinterest and blogs.
Overall I’m really impressed with the Papergang box. I’ve signed up for the next box and I’m really excited to see what goodies I get!

What subscription box are you signed up to?

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