Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again for eating your own body weight in Quality Street and spending 2+ day in your pajamas. Yes it's Christmas! I wasn't sure if I was going top enjoy this Christmas, life has been quite stressful with lots going on but I'm finally home and ready to enjoy the Christmas season.

This is the first Christmas in nine years I haven't worked in retail, so I actually get some time of! I usually get around three days off, depending on when Christmas lands, before I'm off back to work. I'm back to work on 3rd January, so I've got lots of time off to relax!

In the mean time, I'm spending my Christmas Eve, which I've worked in the past, watching films with my family and I'm going to be baking some snowmen meringues later on!

Hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!
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Friday, 16 December 2016

Flat Tour

So just a little over a month ago me and my boyfriend moved in to a cute little two bedroom flat together. It came about so quickly, I got a new job and he wanted to get out of his previous house contract. He found someone to take his room and we had about a month to find somewhere. We came across the flat kind of by accident as we were just happening to pass an estate agent one day and saw it. We both fell in love with it the moment we viewed it so we knew we had to take it quickly before someone else grabbed it.

A few weeks later, after a lot of stress and money spent, we finally moved into our lovely flat. I love everything about the flat; the high ceilings, exposed brick walls and maisonette bedroom. I've tried to put my touch on the flat, without risk losing the deposit! I've added a lot of copper touches and a few pops of colour and sparkle with my sequin cushion. Normally in rented flats/houses, the furniture is always a bit naff or not to my style but we got lucky. As the flat came furnished, the sofas, TV stand, dining table and chairs all came with the flat but everything is my style which I'm really happy about!

I'm really into prints and photos, so around the flat we have some Marvel canvases and framed movie and game posters, which are all my boyfriends. I've added a few personal touches with photos of family and friends dotted around. As my building was an old school which was converted into flats, there's still a lot of original features like the exposed bricks, stone staircases and high ceilings.

I'd love to see your flat tour posts, so feel free to comment your blogs!
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