Sunday, 8 February 2015

Minion cupcakes

Every Christmas my dad always buys a DVD to watch on Christmas Day and this year he bought Despicable Me 2. I'd seen the first one and loved minions but it wasn't until I saw the second one that I pretty much fell in love with them! My dad did too, so now we watch the films together and randomly quote bits of the film to each other. Cute! I bought the cake kits to make up, but I decided to make my own. I can't remember the recipe I used, but it was a basic sponge recipe that I've used for years. To decorate, I mixed up some fondant icing and added some yellow food colouring. It's best to add a bit at a time to build the colour up, it'll be pale at first but the more you add, the more vibrant the colour will be! I used gel icing pens for the features, I would have preferred a silver icing for the rim of the goggles but I didn't have one. I mixed some white and black to make grey but because it wasn't in a tube, it was difficult and messy to apply. They're not exactly going to win awards for decoration, but I' pretty damn proud of them! To mix them up a bit, I did a few that are decorated as if they were their overalls and some with Banana! and Bee Do! written on them. To make them more minion-fied next time I'm going to add some bananas into the cake mixture!

Who is your favourite minion? Mine is Dave! :) 
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  1. I love minions, and my dad is the same, he's not really a fan of kids' films but for some reason is quite taken with minions and will buy me and my sisters minion things. Your cupcakes look great!