Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things I've learnt recently...

I think it's important to reflect on things every so often and recently, in the past four months or so, I've done a lot of thinking! For me it's often an event that happens that leads me to reflect on how my life is going and this time it was a break up. I've had a think about what has gone well in the past year and what hasn't, whether it's relationships, things with uni or life in general.

- Always, always build bridges. Life is too short for awkward moments and times spent feeling resentment towards someone. Make peace.

- Never let your feelings become controlled by anyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

- Take photos at every opportunity. That perfect day you've had will pass but the photograph stuck on your wall will stay.

- Try to keep over thinking to a minimum, especially at night. It will eat away at you and keep you awake.

- Alcohol is never your friend.

- Pop punk is life and will never fail to cheer you up.

- The love from your parents is second to none. Cherish it.

- It's ok to make mistakes. Pick yourself up and learn from them.

- Never cry for someone who does not care enough about you to do the same.

- You only have one shot at life so try not to spend it feeling miserable when you can be outside make most of the day.

- Never let things drag on. Cut strings as soon as possible. It will hurt but not as much as it would do four months after it's been stretched out. 

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  1. I always forget to take photos until I get home :(

  2. Love these, definitely all very true. I'm especially grateful for my parent's love, you just reminded me I need to call them today!

    I'm having a big giveaway on my blog!