Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Look who's back... again!

~ Here's a posey photo from my birthday this year because I couldn't find a better photo! ~

I'm a rubbish 'blogger', life takes over and I get easily distracted! Since I last posted in February, I've finished my first year of uni. Go me! I'm so glad to have a good few months of free time but I'm already missing my uni family loads!

I'm hopefully going to post loads over the summer, I have loads of free time and a tonne of ideas for posts. I'm stilling getting a fair amount of traffic though, which is odd! It's ghost traffic or I have loyal readers. I'm hoping it's the latter!

I've got a post coming up which is going to be pretty personal, but it's something that I feel I need to talk, in relation to a popular TV show that's currently in its third season.

Hope you're all good!
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  1. Looking lovely! I've had a bit of a blog hiatus too recently, it's always good to come back bursting with new ideas though x

    The Little Things