Sunday, 2 November 2014

The day I met Ed Sheeran

The title of this post pretty is pretty self explanatory but I MET ED SHEERAN. It was easily the best day of my life so far, it was such an emotional and overwhelming day! I bought the tickets when they came out a couple of week s before the event, which was at a secret location and Ticketmaster didn't reveal the location until the day before (queue massive Ticketmaster cock up and I didn't find out until 2 hour before it started...) but I got where I needed to be in the end!

It was in Manchester so I got up really early in the morning and got a coach up. I ended up going on my own which was scary because I've only been to Manchester a few times and I've always been with people.

I didn't have to queue for too long it was about 45 minutes before I got inside and about 2 hours until I met Ed. The venue played X whilst we were queuing which was amazing but I always got emotional when 'One' and 'Photograph' came on (two of my favourite songs!) because I was literally about to meet the man who I've listened to when I've been feeling down, happy and every other emotion in between.

Ed is so lovely and friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet him. My legs were shaking and I was so nervous but he's an absolute babe. After I got my book signed I walked down the steps to make my way out and I started crying, the woman who had to sign off my wristband was so lovely, I'm so sorry I couldn't say thank you for crying!

Ed's lookalike Ty Jones was outside so I got a photo of course! So odd how much he looks like him!

My friend Louisa is a teacher in Manchester and I haven't seen her since she moved over the summer so it was the perfect day to meet up! She was actually going back home whilst it was half term but thankfully she hadn't gone back yet so I went to her house for a while then went out for some yummy food at a really cool place called The Beagle. If you're in Manchester you should definitely check it out!

I'm still overwhelmed by the day, not only did I get to meet Ed but I got to spend the rest of the day with one of my favourite friends who I miss every day!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things I've learnt recently...

I think it's important to reflect on things every so often and recently, in the past four months or so, I've done a lot of thinking! For me it's often an event that happens that leads me to reflect on how my life is going and this time it was a break up. I've had a think about what has gone well in the past year and what hasn't, whether it's relationships, things with uni or life in general.

- Always, always build bridges. Life is too short for awkward moments and times spent feeling resentment towards someone. Make peace.

- Never let your feelings become controlled by anyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

- Take photos at every opportunity. That perfect day you've had will pass but the photograph stuck on your wall will stay.

- Try to keep over thinking to a minimum, especially at night. It will eat away at you and keep you awake.

- Alcohol is never your friend.

- Pop punk is life and will never fail to cheer you up.

- The love from your parents is second to none. Cherish it.

- It's ok to make mistakes. Pick yourself up and learn from them.

- Never cry for someone who does not care enough about you to do the same.

- You only have one shot at life so try not to spend it feeling miserable when you can be outside make most of the day.

- Never let things drag on. Cut strings as soon as possible. It will hurt but not as much as it would do four months after it's been stretched out. 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Kirkstall Abbey

The other week me and my brother went on a trip to Kirkstall Abbey and Kirkstall museum in Leeds. It's near where my brother currently lives, so one afternoon we had wander down. We first went to Morrisons to pick up a bit of food and some drinks because it was such a warm day! We went to the museum first, which we've both visited on a school trip years ago and we haven't been since so we thought we'd pop in. The museum isn't the best, but it has a pretty cool street inside which is recreated to how streets looked in Victorian times. It wasn't the biggest museum I've ever been and we would have gone round it all in probably 20 minutes but we managed to stretch it out for about 50 minutes. It costs £4 to get in, but you can get various discounts with Leeds cards. We went to the abbey after and had a wander round for about an hour. I've never been before, despite living about 9 miles away. If it was a bit sunnier it would have been perfect for a picnic but instead it started to rain a bit! We went back to Morrisons to pick up pizza for our tea then went back to my brother's to eat it! It was such a nice day and it was lovely to spend some quality time with my brother!
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Look who's back... again!

~ Here's a posey photo from my birthday this year because I couldn't find a better photo! ~

I'm a rubbish 'blogger', life takes over and I get easily distracted! Since I last posted in February, I've finished my first year of uni. Go me! I'm so glad to have a good few months of free time but I'm already missing my uni family loads!

I'm hopefully going to post loads over the summer, I have loads of free time and a tonne of ideas for posts. I'm stilling getting a fair amount of traffic though, which is odd! It's ghost traffic or I have loyal readers. I'm hoping it's the latter!

I've got a post coming up which is going to be pretty personal, but it's something that I feel I need to talk, in relation to a popular TV show that's currently in its third season.

Hope you're all good!
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Look who's back!

*Casually being all arty and looking into the distance in the bottom photo - 'distance' actually being my screen flipped out*

You may have forgotten who I am and for that I don't blame you! I hate how I rarely post anymore and it makes me so sad because I was so proud of what I achieved with my blog and where it was going.

Truth is, blogging is REALLY hard to do and maintaining a balance between blogging, working, uni and my personal life is such a juggling act. If you do manage to do all of that successfully, then I salute you! 90% of my time is spent commuting to uni, being at uni or doing uni work. Don't get me wrong, I love uni and I've made an amazing group of friends and I can't for the life of me figure how lucky I am to have met people who make getting up at 5.30am more of a bearable task. The rest of my time is spent working and spending time with my friends. Personal stuff also affected  my urge for blogging and back in the last part of last year I heard myself uttering, "I can't be bothered" when I thought about getting back on the blogging horse. I actually couldn't be bothered to do the majority of things, even everyday things like make a cup of tea and watch TV. The only thing I could be bothered to do was sleep. One of the main reasons why I hate winter.

I realise this post is all 'woe is me', but it's the genuine reason why blogging has taken a back seat in my life. Blogging is something I absolutely love, it's my passion and something I would love to do full time so I hate having to see my most recent post as something I posted back in September.

Without being all negative, I have a new camera! I have a Nikon D1500 and it's beautiful and I treat it as if I've given birth to it, which is kinda weird and creepy but whatever. It means I can take decent photos for my blog and I can feel better about how my blog looks. I'm planning on re-doing the layout and everything to make it look more cleaner too. I'm not entirely sure when that will be, but I'll get onto it when I get a spare couple of hours!

I hope I haven't bored you to death with this post; it's kinda long and one of those 'rambly' posts. I hope to post a little bit more often, I will try anyway! Hope you're all good!
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