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Grizzly Joes Apparel

My blog is predominantly lifestyle stuff but I am known to throw a bit of fashion and beauty stuff in here and there! I like to keep up to date with the newest clothing brands and I was recently contacted by Grizzly Joes; a fresh new label with a sweet American vibe to do an interview. Hope you all enjoy reading the interview, don’t forget to check out their website and they’re also running a competition on Facebook to win a vest or t-shirt of your choice, sweet!

Hi guys! Grizzly Joes is an awesome new label – how did Grizzly Joes come about?

Hey Katie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Grizzly Joes started back in 2012. Like most creative projects the idea came from a lack of entertainment, major boredom and a large amount of doodling! After I finished Uni I was stuck paying off my debt, a lot of people I knew had started to move back home and I was stuck working night shifts in a hotel! It was sooooo boring!

As you may have guessed, there's not a great amount to do in a hotel.. in the middle of nowhere.. at night! So I started doodling to make the time pass by and before I knew it I had pieces of scrap paper everywhere, I couldn't put a hand in my pocket without finding a quick sketch I had drawn the night before. So I started picking out the good ones and drawing them up on Photoshop.

It's around this time that I decided to spend what little money I had on creating my own clothing line. Admittedly it was off to a slow start, with a lack of funding and no knowledge of creating a clothing line. I began with just one design and various pins, wristbands and stickers.

One year and a billion night shifts later, Grizzly Joes has started taking over my social life! There's just so much to do! I have a load of new designs out and a lot more to release this year! I am also currently working on joining a few alternative shops throughout the UK, whilst arranging a few collaboration tees with other UK designers! I have my fingers crossed that one day Grizzly Joes will save me from working night shifts too!

How many people are part of the team at Grizzly Joes?

Well... I'll let you in on a secret... There's actually only one person running Grizzly Joes and that's me! Up until this point I have managed to work by myself, sometimes this can be a handful! I create the designs, tag the tees, do the photos, run the website and sort the advertisement! Luckily I have @HannahkateGJ  who volunteers to model my clothing for me! Which I'm very grateful for!

Up until this point, it has been just about manageable. However in the next few months I may be looking into getting a main partner to help me with the work before I go completely mad! I am also looking to expand and integrate more projects into Grizzly Joes, I would like to work more with musicians and I will definitely be gathering a few select people to add to my grizzly team to help me with this.

I am also currently on the lookout for a male model to wear my clothing for photo shoots and be featured on the main webpage. Preferably I would like an alternative musician, but if there's anyone out there that thinks they could be the right person feel free to tweet me!

(Modeled by @HannahKateGJ) 
What makes Grizzly Joes unique from other smaller, independent clothing brands?

There are so many independent clothing lines out there these days that it's hard to make your own line stand out and be unique!

Each tee I release has a fresh detailed design based around the world of Grizzly's! I have also managed to incorporate two styles of design into my brand making sure that there is something for everyone. First off there is our 'Bigjoe' tees, these designs have a more colourful 'cartoony' style to them. I have also created my 'TM' range for those of you out there that prefer more simplistic designs.

To keep my products unique, every design I release is a limited print, once a design has sold out I bring out a completely fresh tee! If there is high demand for a certain design, then I will consider reprinting but altering the details slightly to keep each design fresh. By doing this, my brands following will always get a unique quality product!

Grizzly Joes has an American vibe from the designs; are you all fans of the American clothing scene?

I absolutely love the American scene; I'd love to go live out there! If anyone generous is reading this and has a bit of spare cash, take me to Disneyland please?! Haha! There are so many amazing clothing lines out there; I'm a big fan of the 'Candy Effect' range! I have to admit, I'm totally jealous of their store!

My brand would do great over in America, there's already a similar trend going down over there and I think I'd fit right in! I am already working on expanding my brand to different areas and getting more Americans to jump on-board 'Teamrangers'.

You’ve mentioned that you’re welcome to bands wearing Grizzly Joes on stage; do any bands influence your brand when it comes to designs etc?

I love to see bands wearing my brand on stage; I'm always on the lookout for snaps of musicians wearing my threads! If you're in a band and you have an up-coming tour, then always feel free to drop me a message! Chances are that I'd be more than happy to sort you some Grizzly threads out!

This year I managed to head down to 'Leeds Slam Dunk Festival', I dropped some threads to 'Handguns' and 'Heroes for Hire', that was awesome! It was a right mission trying to get the clothing to 'Heroes for Hire'! I decided to plan ahead and sent their parcel out to the venue they were playing the day before. The next day they couldn't make it to the venue due to traffic! The band 'Allister' ended up taking their package all the way back to Leeds for them! Haha!
I have to admit I've loved the pop-punk/punk-rock scene ever since I was a kid! I love upbeat, happy tunes!  So I am more biased towards that genre! Plus I can't imagine any death metal guys wearing my brand anytime soon!

Currently I am looking into endorsing a couple of bands later this year; it's so hard to choose though! There are so many good bands out there! I'm also a big fan of Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) and I'm constantly looking for an upcoming band with a similar style to work with, but I've not managed to come across any yet!

I am also working on a collaboration t-shirt at the moment with a UK band called 'The Call Back Academy', I'm a big fan of their music so I'm pretty stoked about this! Their current EP is up for free download so go check them out!
 (Modeled by @HannahKateGJ) 
How often are new designs brought out?
When I first started Grizzly Joes, the designs came out when I had the money, which wasn't often! Now Grizzly Joes has grown I am in a better position, I try to bring out one or two designs out every couple of months. I have already ordered in my new 'Growlers' Vests for mid-July! There is a sneak peek up on my Instagram.
I also like to bring out new accessories every now and then, at the minute I am looking into ordering in some new limited pins and stickers which come free with all orders!

(Modeled by @HannahKateGJ) 
What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting up their own clothing brand?
If you're looking to start your own chain, I'd recommend you have lots of designs to start with, get some feedback from people on which designs they prefer. Make sure you have a unique name/style of design and take it from me, it's better to be financially stable before you give this one a shot! You will have to lose money to make it work!
If you have a slow start, don't let this get to you, most new labels will have a slow start, even if their statuses say different! Always make the most of social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and be on the lookout for nice people like Katie who are willing to interview and feature your products on their page!
Always be ahead of yourself, fresh designs and new concepts keep your feed looking fresh and stops people losing interest in your brand. Keep a photographer or even just a camera on standby so you can deliver new imagery for your social sites and show more people wearing your products, this way you’re also prepared for last minute advertisements as well!
There is a lot of advice I could give you for starting your own clothing line and a lot of people who own clothing lines would most likely give you the same advice. However this is one piece of advice that I think will help you out he most.
There are so many competitive clothing lines out there and each one is trying to make it big in their own unique way. Some of these clothing lines will not be looking to help you out with anything, it's harsh to say but it's true. Some people are in it for themselves and you will find that in any industry. Never be disheartened if you receive an unnecessary reply to a simple question or even no reply at all, don't let this be the reason that you give in!
There are still plenty of starting brands out there that are in the same boat and are more than willing to help you out; you've just got to find the right ones! It is always worth getting to know other brands, just remember that they helped you when they need help themselves! I myself am always willing to help, so feel free to drop me a tweet! Shout out to @Peakedapparel and @Fullbeam for the support they've given me and my brand!
Thanks again Katie for taking the time to chat with me!

Look out for our 'Growlers' Tees released this month!
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