Monday, 13 May 2013

Trends that I love but I'm way too chicken to try

I’ve been M.I.A recently because of two reasons. Firstly life is too good at the moment and my social life is pretty ok at the moment *smug face* and secondly I’ve had major writer’s block. I’ve had no idea what to post and I’ve been stuck staring at a blank Word document attempting to think of something to write, then eventually giving up after a while and hoping I’ll find some inspiration when I least expect it. That inspiration came randomly when I woke up this morning after sleeping in till 11am (I KNOW, LAZY!).

I’m not a massive fan of trends and I try not to follow them, although the odd one does creep in to my wardrobe *cough Topshop Geek t-shirt rip offs cough*. I’m definitely a believer in ‘wear what the hell you want’, so if you want to dress head to toe in one particular trend, go for it! But if you’d much prefer to dip in to a trend here and there, then it’s up to you. Below are the trends that I actually love but I’m way too chicken to really try out.

Crop tops

Now I say I’m too chicken to try crop tops, yet I have a few hanging in my wardrobe as I type… To be fair, they’re not as cropped as the ones pictured. I’m fine if I wear them with high waisted skirts or jeans and I can maybe get away with wearing them with stuff that fits on the hips if I want a tiny bit of tummy showing. Crop tops are so cute for summer, when you can wear them with shorts or jeans but I really can’t get away with mega cropped crop tops. My relationship with carbs is far too complicated!


Dungarees (both shorts and the dresses) are so cute and summery but I’d feel like I’m 10 again if i wear them! I’m already blessed cursed with a baby face which still leaves me getting asked for I.D five years after I’m legally allowed to drink so donning a pair of dungarees will more than likely make me look like a 14 year old bunking off school for the afternoon. I will probably buy some, River Island currently have some cute ones in at the moment and just hope that I don’t look like a child in them!

Super short shorts

Another trend I can’t be a part of because of my rather complicated relationship with carbs. If you have a figure to be able to wear hotpants then you are one lucky girl. Although ones that basically show your bum cheeks isn’t really the best look unless you’re on a beach in Miami. I do have a pair of shorts that I bought and then when I got home I realised they’re a bit shorter than expected. How hard is it to tell how short shorts are just by looking at them on the hanger?! As I’ve found, it’s very hard. I should really learn to start trying stuff on in the shops! I would probably wear them but pull them a bit lower down so they’re not resembling pants and with super thick tights.

What trends do you love but too scared to try out? Let me know in the comments section!
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Next Insider Exclusive

I was contacted a while ago about submitting some S/S'13 related questions to Next for them to answer. They answered one of my questions on how to dress for a wedding, which is always tricky because you wouldn't want to upstage the bride would you? I hope you enjoy the feature they put together!

I’m going to a summer wedding – what should I wear?
“So the beautifully made, handwritten invite lands on your doormat and you begin daydreaming… a July wedding… will her dress be modern or traditional…  horse and carriage or vintage car… what will their first dance be…? Come to think of it… what should I wear? It’s a tricky one when you want to bring your favourite trends of the season into a formal outfit - but hopefully these tips for dressing for a summer wedding will help you out.”

Add a splash of your personality
“So first and foremost, play around with your own personal style to find a look for you. If you love pastels – go with a gorgeous mint green midi dress. Similarly, if you don’t feel like you suit hats, don’t go with a fascinator just because you think others might. With creams, pinks and minks an ever popular summer palette, there are some stunning dresses and outfit ideas out there - especially in Next’s Dress to Impress and Modern Boutique collections. However, if you aren’t sure about shades of pink, you’re in luck because monochromes, electric blues and neons are in this season. A feminine take on the fluro trend is this Neon Lace Dress.”

                              Something different?
“Perhaps you’re looking for something a little different to wear. A striking alternative to an occasion dress could be a peplum top with coordinating skirt or a flattering jumpsuit. With other trends including abstract prints, spots and stripes, we think this printed jumpsuit ticks all the right boxes for a summer wedding this year.

Go glam with subtle sparkle
“If you’re going to the ceremony as well as the evening event, you might want to think about your day to night look. Perhaps invest in a lace blazer or embroidered bolero which you can cover up with in the day and still have your much loved dress to show off in the evening. The key is to be subtly glam so it is comfortable and versatile throughout the day. Introduce a bit of luxury to your look with lace detailing or textured jacquard. Remember, it’s either striking dress and classic footwear, or simple dress and statement shoes!”

Love your feet
“It may not be the case with every wedding - but it could be that you’re on your feet for a lot of the day. If you’re a total heel fanatic, don’t let super high heels ruin your day and take a look at the stylish low to mid shapes in the shops lately. At Next there are mid heels with metallic cuffs, sixties inspired kitten heels and patent peep toe wedges. Block heels are also really in vogue at the moment and are easier on your beloved feet than stilettos.”

“Now all that’s left to do is think about your requests for the DJ…”

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