Saturday, 20 April 2013

When you fall I’ll be the only one who looks away

View of Liverpool from the corridor in our hotel – Coke tastes much better in a glass bottle! – Primark I loveee you! – The nicest pizza on the entire planet – Being cultural – Starbucks is a given really – The most random and also slightly strange thing I’ve ever seen anyone for money – Goodiesss!

I’ve rarely posted about anything relating to life recently, my weeks have been pretty much the same and I haven’t done anything that exciting to post! I did make a little last minute trip to Liverpool at the beginning of the week which was lovely! Liverpool is one of my favourite places to go and I haven’t been since last September so another trip had to be made!

We stayed overnight so it was only a short stay but we managed to squeeze in lots of shopping, a standard trip to Starbucks, sightseeing around Albert Dock and a visit to the Museum of Liverpool. We’ve been before but it’s free to get in and it freed some spare time before we had to get the train back home. I didn’t take hardly any photos, the trip was far too short and the main aim was just to shop! 
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  1. I love Liverpool too but it's been absolutely ages since I went, and I can't remember the last time I even shopped there! Hope you got yourself some nice goodies :)

    louisejoyb x

  2. i've been meaning to visit a friend in liverpool for months and i just haven't got around to it, i will definitely have to consider it a little harder, it looks a lot of fun! i saw those cut outs of 1D in primark today, as if they're £20 each! x

  3. I'd love to go to Liverpool, geat photos x

  4. Ah wish I could have gone with you babe :D xxxxx

  5. I haven't been to Liverpool in a little while, want to though!