Thursday, 11 April 2013

Drop Dead wish list

I bought my first Drop Dead t shirt when I was a 16 year old wannabe scene kid. Anyone remember the rib cage and the ‘Mosh and Roll’ t shirts? I have my fair share of vintage Drop Dead stuff kicking around although I haven’t bought anything for a good few years.

The brand has really upped their game (well done Oli!) and producing pretty good stuff that even the typical none Drop Dead wearer would wear. I really want everything that I’ve shown here and I’m sure at some point I will be the proud owner of them all!

There is a slight unicorn theme here (not intentional at all!) with the ‘I’m a Fucking Unicorn’ vest and the ‘Monokeros’ knitted jumper. The only issue with the vest is the use of the F word, which can be an issue when wearing it out.  The ‘Catsberry Ripple’ crop top is cute and it would go perfect with my Topshop Joni jeans. The ‘Peace’ pendant is really cool and would look really great when I wear a plain top to make it really stand out!
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  1. I love the cat tee - I'd definitely wear that. xx

  2. they've changed so much, just looking through their website is so different to how it all used to be back when i was fifteen! i love the cat tee too! x

  3. Love the unicorn jumper, so cute :-)