Friday, 29 March 2013

River Island black quilted frame bag

Sometimes it takes weeks, often months to find the ‘perfect’ bag. The perfect bag can vary from people to people, some may prefer across-body bags, some may be after a bag they can neatly carry on the crook of the arm. In all honesty I have most types of bags available apart from my ‘perfect’ bag. I was after a black shoulder bag that had an ideal shoulder strap length (not too short, not too long), but the ideal length to carry both on my shoulder and the crook of my arm if I fancied. I saw this delicious bag in River Island when I was at Meadowhall in Sheffield. The £40 price tag put me off at first so I applied my usual ‘go and think about it’ method and carried on shopping. After not being able to get it out of my head and the desire to actually ‘need’ this bag in my life, I went back to River Island, debit card in hand.

I have no regrets buying this bag, it’s truly perfect. It’s so classy and Chanel-like and has three, yes three, compartments! Two zip pockets sandwich a section with metal clasp fastening so it’s prefect for keeping bits and bats separate and organised.
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  1. Ooh goregous bag! River Island is brilliant for bags, I defiitely need to invest :)

    Clare xxx

  2. this is such a lovely bag, and i love that its so organised! theres nothing worse than a gorgeous bag that only has 1 compartment! x

  3. This is gorgeous babe I love it :D xxxxxx