Friday, 29 March 2013

River Island black quilted frame bag

Sometimes it takes weeks, often months to find the ‘perfect’ bag. The perfect bag can vary from people to people, some may prefer across-body bags, some may be after a bag they can neatly carry on the crook of the arm. In all honesty I have most types of bags available apart from my ‘perfect’ bag. I was after a black shoulder bag that had an ideal shoulder strap length (not too short, not too long), but the ideal length to carry both on my shoulder and the crook of my arm if I fancied. I saw this delicious bag in River Island when I was at Meadowhall in Sheffield. The £40 price tag put me off at first so I applied my usual ‘go and think about it’ method and carried on shopping. After not being able to get it out of my head and the desire to actually ‘need’ this bag in my life, I went back to River Island, debit card in hand.

I have no regrets buying this bag, it’s truly perfect. It’s so classy and Chanel-like and has three, yes three, compartments! Two zip pockets sandwich a section with metal clasp fastening so it’s prefect for keeping bits and bats separate and organised.
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

One Direction tour merch & 1D World Leeds

I know most readers won’t be particularly fussed over reading about what merchandise I got at the 1D tour but I thought I’d share it with you all anyway. For 1D mega fans based in Yorkshire, the 1D World is now open as part of the new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds City Centre.  It’s only temporary until Sunday 14th April but if you’re a 1D fan and you can get to Leeds, it’s definitely worth a trip to.

The merch at the tour was pretty good; it was the standard mix of 5/6 different t-shirt designs to choose from, hats, programmes and keyrings. I would have bought everything if I had unlimited funds so I had to buy wisely and bought a programme (£15 – a MUST at any gig/event!), t-shirt (£25 (adult) – another must!), keyring (£5) and a set of 6 ‘signed’ pictures (£5 – a bargain since they work out less than a pound each!) One thing I hate about big arena tours is the insane huddle around the merch stand, which I always seem to get served after everyone else who came after me! But luckily there was an official merch stand outside the arena when I got there and because I was pretty early I had to queue after a few people and it was less pushing in!

I made a trip to 1D World on Monday so see what other merch they had. They had similarish merch to the stuff they had at the tour, t-shirts, keyrings etc, only it was ‘less official’ looking. They even had full size cardboard cut outs which I really want! I bought a Harry keyring for £7 and a ‘Collectors Box’ for £20 which came with a 2013 calendar, pen, necklace, pack of 5 wristbands, 2 free downloads, tote bag and also a set of picture cards. My only qualm is that if you wanted a carrier bag for your stuff you had to pay £1 for a ‘souvenir’ carrier bag. The cheek! But as a Directioner I had to buy one! Oh dear.
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy S2 case

I find it really hard to get decent phone covers for my phone, since all the really nice ones are for iPhones. It’s getting to be a weekly routine that I have a browse on Ebay in the hope of finding the perfect case for my phone. Most are really tacky or are just don’t fit the bill. A week before my birthday I came across this beauty and added it to my dad’s Ebay basket. Like most cases on Ebay, it came from Hong Kong so it had an estimated 2/3 weeks delivery so I knew I wouldn’t get it in time for my birthday. A week after my birthday it came and I’m so happy with it! It’s a soft silicone and is just so cute and is exactly what I wanted for my phone. After a quick look at the listing, I’ve just realise it’s actually a darker pink in the image of the product, however I actually prefer the lighter pink one that I received. It doesn’t give you the option of choosing a different colour so the picture is a little misleading but it’s not a totally different colour so it’s not that bad.
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

One Direction Take Me Home World Tour '13

I’ve been banging on about going to see One Direction for over a year now and ‘the day’ finally came around! I bought the tickets last February but the year came and went quicker than I thought.  I went with my mum and we decided staying over would be best, so we booked a cheap hotel which was basically next door to the arena so we could stay over. We spent the day after seeing 1D shopping at Meadowhall in Sheffield which is amazing (I've been once when I was a baby) but it was so hard to figure our way around, everywhere looked the same and there were so many different side bits to go down!

There were two acts supporting 1D; an American girl called ‘Camryn’ who was kind of average and really fit the ‘all American’ girl image. After a quick google search I’ve just found out she’s actually 13! She looks at least 18/19. Weird! An Australian band called ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ played second and they were pretty good, although they did mimic Busted a lot by jumping with their guitars.

One Direction played for about 2 hours and it was amazing. Zayn was amazing vocally too. They interacted with the fans, had play fights on the stage and thankfully there were no incidents with any shoes being thrown…

I took over 500 photos ~fan girlllll~ so I selected a few of my favourite snaps from the night to show you. I was one of those oldest person there, not including any parents, and it was kind of awkward when girls were talking about how everyone at school will be jealous…

~Quick note~ By adding a watermark I’m not suggesting that anyone would want to nick my photos or that they’re amazing photos. They came out ok thanks to an good camera but watermarking them makes me feel a little more reassured. I never watermark any other photos I put on my blog but with these photos being of One Direction I figured they may be more coveted. 
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Everyday makeup

When it comes to my day time makeup, the ‘less is more’ rule definitely applies. I much prefer to keep eyeshadow and eyeliner to a minimum for the day so once it hits night I can slap on the darker eyeshadow and put lashings of mascara and eyeliner on. Wearing less makeup during the day than I used to does make me look a lot younger than 23, but I do like to look more natural.

The ‘Heaven and Earth’ palette from MUA is my go-to palette for any day time look. It has a nice mixture of browns and neutrals so I can have a really neutral eye (such as the look pictured) or I can build up a more defined smoky eye without it being too overpowering. The eyeshadow doesn’t pick up that well on my camera, but it was a little more prominent in the flesh. For work, I usually use a bit of black or dark brown eyeshadow to create a blended out line on my top lash line then just add mascara.

I use mineral foundation 9 times out 10, but for the night I use a tiny bit of L’Oreal Infallible on my cheeks to reduce redness and to make sure it’s doesn’t peek out at any point during the night. I much prefer a more natural coverage both during the day and at night but applying foundation on my cheeks at night gives me a bit more coverage.

The Real Technique brushes are my favourite even if it is a cliché to say so. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them and I’m not sure how I coped without them before they came out! The buffing brush is perfect for applying mineral foundation; it gives a perfect, natural finish.

What are your favourite everyday products? Do let me know!
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Thursday, 14 March 2013

"If I die before I wake, at least in heaven I can skate"

Fuel Friday night with Luke and Anna (ignore me, I look vile!) – Birthdays are good excuses for getting your photo taken – Birthday cake – Bing a twin means two birthday cakes – One Direction card made by my mum – Post-birthday treats – Toilets at Wetherspoons… classy.

Sorry for the lack of blogging; my days off have literally been booked up with seeing friends, family etc, so I’ve had no time to blog! But a massive thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday on Blogger/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, I’m privileged to know some lovely people!

Please excuse the dire photo of me at the top! I had Friday booked off from work, so during the day I went shopping in town and got my makeup done at a Benefit counter and bought some makeup too. I felt sick when it totalled up to £71.50, I’m not used to spending that amount of money at one time on makeup but I’m using my birthday as an excuse! I went out Friday night to Fuel, which is a rock night at Leeds Met SU, with my brother, his friends and my friend Anna. We went for drinks first at a Wetherspoons, then went to Fuel then moved on to Escobar after Fuel closed. Then the obligatory McDonalds trip followed and my brother bought 40 chicken nuggets for me and him, then home time. We got in at 5.45 and I had work at 2pm on Saturday so I was a little tired but it was a great night. I’m pretty lucky that I can go out with my brother, since he’s the same age, we generally have mutual friends and I always get along with his other friends!
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Title:  OPM - Heaven Is A Halfpipe (one of my fave songs that played at Fuel!) 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vision Direct 'Balloonfish' Contact Lens Case

I was kindly sent this cute Vision Direct contact lens case to test out a couple of weeks ago. I don’t actually wear contact lenses or even glasses for that matter, but my friend Anna does so I felt it would be nice to let her have a little review up on here! The case is really sweet and cute and if I wore contacts I would have probably bought it.

I’ve let Anna give it a little road test for a couple of weeks and her thoughts are in!

The case retails for £3.05 which is an ok, average price. The case comes in a small clear plastic bag that is sealed at both ends, but I would have expected it to come in a box or nicer packaging. Design wise, I wouldn’t change anything because I love pink and it’s really cute! In terms of the purpose of the case, it works well but sometimes I have trouble getting my contacts out of the case but that’s usually the same with any case that shape. I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself, just for the fact that I buy my cases from Specsavers where I get my contact lenses from but now I’ve tried a case from somewhere else, I might try out different cases from elsewhere. 
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Twenty Three

45 minutes old, 23 years old

So it’s that time of the year again, BIRTHDAY TIME! I do love birthdays for the one (albeit selfish but we’ll all admit it!) reason that the day is all about me. I do have to share it with my twin brother but the attention is equally shared. I haven’t asked for much present wise, I know I‘ve got some Real Techniques brushes off my parents and they’re giving me money to spend on what I want. Most of which will more than likely be saved for One Direction which is just under two weeks away. Ahhhhhh! I’ll blog about what I got and stuff like that sometime next week! The bottom image is actually when we were 22, last year on holiday but I’m scheduling this so I don’t have a photo when we’re 23!
Have a lovely week guys!
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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Weekly Update 3/3/13

Epic pancake making skills – Reorganising makeup – New pjs – OOTD 1 – Tea at my nanna’s – Hitting up town – Payday treats – Never too old for Disney – OOTD 2 – Birthday month!

I haven’t done one of these for a couple of weeks but I don’t feel like I have to every week which put less pressure on me. I haven’t done much in the past couple of weeks apart from go to Journalism Week event at Leeds Trinity uni, which was amazing. I also have an interview there at the end of this month so I’m excited but also nervous! Wish me luck guys!

I’ve also been applying for student finance which is honestly the most stressful and annoying process I’ve ever had to undertake in my life. It actually made me cry at several times, ugh, I’m so stressed and I haven’t even started uni yet!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY! Eeeek, I’ll be turning 23! A year goes really quickly and I’m now realising that I’m getting older really quickly and soon I’ll be turning the big 3-0. Ok so I still have 7 years until that major milestone but it shows how quickly life flies by. I haven’t asked for much apart from some more Real Techniques brushes, but I mainly want money for ONE DIRECTIONNNN. I’m seeing them on 19th March and I can’t believe I’ve had just under a year to wait, it’s gone so quickly!

Have a lovely week guys!
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

You're in love but only as long as you're wanted

Varsity sweatshirt / New Look (old!)
Boyfriend jeans / George @ ASDA
Anchor slippers / Primark
Quilted bag / Primark

I generally follow a ‘baggy top/skin tight bottom’ ratio when it comes to dressing separates. I love the look of boyfriend jeans; the cool 90s vibe is pretty appealing to me! I wasn’t sure if I could pull them off since I’m used to skin tight jeans, but I think I can. I added the sweatshirt to give it a sporty feel but I didn’t want to look too casual so I added the anchor slippers. These are one of my fave pairs of shoes; I immediately knew I had to have them to add to my ever-growing collection of ballet flats because in case you don’t know, the seaside is where I’d love to live!

I think my style is developing a lot since reading blogs. I’m more open to different styles and things I never thought I’d wear again (er hello, jeans that AREN’T skinny?!). It just shows that my style is really influence by bloggers and street style!
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Title: Nasty Habits - You Me At  Six