Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Weekly Update 12/2/13

New bedding – Where are you Summer? – Payday treats – Cheeky selfie in Revolution – Sausage and cheese sandwich – Oops.

I’ve changed the name from ‘Sunday Update’ to ‘Weekly Update’ which is a little bland I’ll admit but I’m never posting on a Sunday anymore. I’m often busy on Sundays and I kind of disliked having a set day to post it, because I felt like I was a bad blogger if I didn’t get it posted on time. This post will be posted every week, but the day will vary. Sometimes it might be a Sunday, sometimes a Tuesday, it all depends when I get round to posting. The label will still be ‘Sunday Update’ so that way weekly posts will be all together under one label.

I hope the weather gets better soon! I’m yearning for weather that I can wear my sunglasses and nice summery clothes rather than having to layer up all the time!

Hope you’re all well guys!
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  1. good idea, you should never feel pressured to blog! x

  2. I'm the same I love doing these kind of posts but I never get them up on the same day, my posting is always all over the place. I really need to visit Primark Ive not been for ages :-)


  3. love the photos!