Thursday, 17 January 2013

White chocolate and milk chocolate rice crispy cakes

These little bites of crunchy goodness are the easiest things to ‘bake’, so they are perfect if you want some quick and easy tea party treats.  These took me about 40-45 minutes to make, including getting my equipment out and washing up afterwoods. They are also really cheap to make and you hardly need any ingredients too.

What you’ll need:
Bars of white chocolate
Packet of chocolate rice crispies
Bun cases

You can use as much or as little chocolate and rice crispies for this as you want; it’s not like baking so you don’t need exact ingredients. I used two big bars of white chocolate and a full packet of rice crispies and it made roughly 30 cakes.

First step is to break up the chocolate into a large bowl and pop in the microwave. It took about 3-4 minutes to melt but I put it on for 30 seconds at a time to make sure the chocolate didn’t burn. Once it’s melted, mix in the rice crispies and add the mixture into bun cases. Then pop in the fridge for them to set. You could also put the mixture into a big baking tray and then cut into slices too.

These are best served whilst snug and cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea. Enjoy!
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  1. Ooo yum, these remind me of 'baking' when I was a kid =) xx

  2. I used to love making these with my Nana when I was little and stayed at her house in the holidays!

  3. i'm always making rice crispie cakes but i've never made them with white chocolate, these look yummy! x

  4. Yuum, I have a bit of an addiction to rice crispie buns/cakes, i can never just eat one though, they are seriously amazing :-)