Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I bought: Christmas sales

I went a little shopping crazy after Christmas because, well who doesn’t love a sale?! I’ve put together the bits I got in the sales and I’ve got another post coming up with some non-sale bits that I’ve recently bought.

I venture into Next every so often, there’s a Next next door to where I work so I usually pop in before work. Their home ware range is amazing and isn’t that badly priced but I’ve never taken to their clothing. Some bits are ok but I think it a bit too ‘old’ for me and is really over-priced for what it is. The Next sale is the sale of Christmas so I had a wander in one day. The two jackets I bought are a total bargain; the grey boucle biker jacket is reduced down from £50 to £12 and the black boucle Chanel style jacket is reduced down from £42 to £14. Although I got them really cheap, they definitely aren’t worth the original price. I wouldn’t have paid £50 for the grey one at all; you could have got the same quality in Primark or New Look for a fraction of the price. I’ve worn the biker jacket a few times but I’m waiting until it’s warmer to wear they black one because it has three-quarter sleeves.

I’ve always wanted a pair of Jack Wills pants but 12.50 a pair is pretty steep. They were reduced down to £9 so I decided to treat myself to a pair.

The two necklaces are from New Look and are down from £4 and £5 down to £1. Bargain! One is a wish bone and the other is an angel and they’re both really sweet! The cowboy print shirt is my first foray into collar tips! It was reduced from £12 to £6 and it’s so silky.

Have you done a post on your Christmas sale buys? Leave your link in the comment section, I’d love to see what you bought :) 
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  1. Great buys, those necklaces are so cute!
    I didn't really buy much from the sales myself, I did pick up the same cowboy print shirt you did, though - I love it! xx

  2. I love reading what other people got in the sales, those necklaces were amazing value! Jealous! haha xxx

  3. Love the look of the back boucle Chanel style jacket, you are definitely right about Next prices though, completely overpriced. I never venture into their sales, I always just find the rubbish stock that they can never get rid of :-)

  4. I love the wishbone necklace x

  5. you got some great bargains here! x