Monday, 28 January 2013

Sunday Update 27/1/13

Film time with my brother – Free DVDs via Disney Movie Rewards – Finally bought some! – Haven’t seen this since I was little – Cute bedding – Obligatory Starbucks trip – Ooops – Pizza Hut – TNA – Me and Anna.

I’ve mentioned that I was going to TNA Wrestling in Manchester over the week and we managed to get there despite fears over snow! It was amazing and I’ll do a post on the day etc at some point! We got out about 10.30pm and it was really snowing! It was more sleet and the roads and footpaths were covered in wet snow which was a bit slippy and wasn’t really pleasant to walk back to the hotel in! We managed to get back ok, although we were soaked!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who comments on my posts and people who follow via GFC and Bloglovin. I really do appreciate all the nice comments and follows, people are so lovely! Sometimes when life throws a curve ball at you, I get a bit down on blogging, but I always get back in to it when I see nice things people have to say about my blog. It really does mean a lot and I love having a little corner of the internet that I can all my own.

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  1. Oliver and Company! That was my favourite disney movie when I was little! I haven't seen it in yeeears.

    - Sho x

  2. I went to see TNA a couple of years ago and it was amazing! So so entertaining. xxx

  3. That pizza looks absolutely amazing x

  4. Love the rise of the plane of the apes :-)

  5. Love me some TNA wrestling and disney movies! ;)