Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday Update 20/1/13

Disney day – Snow – Disney Movie Rewards – Leeds looking cute when I finished work – Original 101 Dalmatians artwork – The Primark PJ bottoms of the ‘moment’ – Another Disney day – Chillin’ with Ariel.

The one thing that everyone has been talking about this week is the SNOW. Everyone seems to have got it in the UK and whilst I do love snow, I wish it came for Christmas! It’ nice when you don’t have to go anywhere such as work, but it’s awful when it turns to ice!

Just under two months until I go see On Direction! Everything is sorted, I’ve got the coach tickets booked, hotel booked and the time off work booked. I’m staying overnight because I’m seeing them in Sheffield and eventhough it’s around an hour drive, it means we can go back to the hotel in our own time and not have to rush back for a train or coach. I’m so excited!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post on social media. It’s something that I’m addicted to, like a lot of people, and sometimes you don’t think about what consequences what you post can have on you.

I’ve printed some printable blog planners after seeing some on Rebecca-Louise’s Instagram. I’m hoping they get me more organised when it comes to planning posts and keeping on top of posting! Fingers crossed!

I go to Manchester on Friday to Saturday to see TNA wrestling with my friend who’s addicted to it. It’ll be fun, hopefully the weather won’t affect our trip too much! Have a lovely week!
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  1. Disney days are the best. I love your mug! x