Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sunday Update 13/1/13

Juice in my favourite cup – Outfit for shopping – Cosy movie night – “Because I’m a lady that’s why!” – Both films made me cry for very different reasons – Leeds’s attempt at snow – Recent shopping purchases – Jumped on an Instagram bandwagon – Yum – Mine and my brother’s dvd haul.

My Sunday Updates are always late because like another blogger recently said, Sundays are lazy dvd days and sometimes you an never be bothered to do posts like these. Usually on Sundays I’m always sorting my room out and cleaning it, which I like to do every Sunday to make sure it doesn’t end up really messy and dirty. I work on Saturday nights so it’s Sunday that I like to do stuff like that. I’m thinking of changing the post round a little bit so I’m not constrained to posting these every Sunday because often than not they never get posted on a Sunday. It’s something I’m thinking of at the moment.

My week has been slow and this week will also probably be slow too! But I have some new Disney dvds to be watched at some point this week!
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  1. Love your blog layout it's really cute! I need to have a cosy movie day soon - forgot how fun they were!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  2. Aaw - The Aristocats! I've not seen that in years. xxx

  3. I love the Aristocats! I live in Leeds too, snow's been measly hasn't it :( x

  4. I love 101 Dalmatians, my favourite from Disney x

  5. Love your little spotty ankle socks, soooo cute! x