Tuesday, 29 January 2013

20 Facts About Me Tag

~ Apologies for the rubbish quality accompanying image, webcam photos are dire quality - who would have thought it?!~
I’ve seen this tag go around YouTube for a while, although some I’ve seen are 50, 30 etc. I haven’t read that many posts on this tag, mainly videos but I did come across Becky’s post the other day. I was going to do 50 like Lily did on her YouTube channel but I struggled past 10, so I figured I’d leave it at 20. I class my blog as a lifestyle one, so I do talk about my life quite a bit but I don’t really go in to the little things that can make a person unique. I hope you enjoy reading this – it’s not the most interesting read ever but I hope you get to know me a little better! Feel free to leave any links of posts or videos you’ve done on this tag in the comments!

1 – I’m a twin, my brother Luke is two minutes older than me.
2 – I like fruit flavoured food but the only fruit I can eat are apples, weird I know!
3 – My favourite foods are crumpets, pizza and toffee Muller Light yoghurts.
4 – My drink of choice in Starbucks and Costa is a tea or a mango and passion fruit ice cooler in Costa.
5 – I’ve gone through quite a few different career choices throughout the years including a vet, chef, graphic designer and now I’ve settled on being a journalist.
6 – I’ve done Race for Life three years in a row.
7 – I hate my voice, especially hearing it when it’s been recorded!
8 – Because of number 7, I’d love to get in to YouTube but that would be mega cringey!
9 – I have two middle names; Jane and Melanie, both which I don’t really like! (Sorry if your name is Jane or Melanie!)
10 – My favourite YouTubers are Zoe (Zoella), Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter), Alfie (Pointless Blog), Joe (ThatcherJoe), Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) and Fleur (FleurDeForce).
11 – I currently don’t have any pets, although I’ve had 5 hamsters since I was 15. I really want a Dalmatian and a Labrador!
12 – My favourite Disney film is 101 Dalmatians, although I also really love Tangled and The Lion King.
13 – I’ve always been really in to visual stuff, so I self-taught myself graphic design when I was 15 and I also had mini-websites via MSN Groups (kudos to anyone who remembers those!). For me, the natural next step was blogging.
14 – I spend most of my time in my PJs, no joke.
15 – Going to America is one of my dreams.
16 – One Direction are my life.
17 – I like being organised and having a place for everything. When I get my own house, I’m definitely going to be one of those people who organised their kitchen cupboards.
18 – My iPod is on ALL THE TIME. I like to listen to music when I’m reading, travelling etc otherwise I get bored quickly.
19 – My favourite books are the Harry Potter series, which seems cliché but I’ve been reading the books since I was 10.
20 – It took me ages to think of all of these because I really struggle with thinking of ‘interesting’ things about me; I’m not the most interesting person!
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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sunday Update 27/1/13

Film time with my brother – Free DVDs via Disney Movie Rewards – Finally bought some! – Haven’t seen this since I was little – Cute bedding – Obligatory Starbucks trip – Ooops – Pizza Hut – TNA – Me and Anna.

I’ve mentioned that I was going to TNA Wrestling in Manchester over the week and we managed to get there despite fears over snow! It was amazing and I’ll do a post on the day etc at some point! We got out about 10.30pm and it was really snowing! It was more sleet and the roads and footpaths were covered in wet snow which was a bit slippy and wasn’t really pleasant to walk back to the hotel in! We managed to get back ok, although we were soaked!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who comments on my posts and people who follow via GFC and Bloglovin. I really do appreciate all the nice comments and follows, people are so lovely! Sometimes when life throws a curve ball at you, I get a bit down on blogging, but I always get back in to it when I see nice things people have to say about my blog. It really does mean a lot and I love having a little corner of the internet that I can all my own.

When I get to 200 GFC followers I’m going to do a giveaway so please follow by GFC if you don’t already!
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

What I bought feat: Primark & New Look

I mentioned in my sale post that I was going to do a post on the bits I’ve recently bought and here it is! I love posts like these; I love to have a nosey at what people have bought!

The majority of the stuff I’ve got is from Primark which is my all-time favourite shop. The three pairs of pants are a £1 each and Primark underwear is amazing and so cheap! The pj bottoms are the pj bottoms of the moment. I’ve seen so many people wearing them on Instagram it’s unreal! It did make me want to buy them though so when I saw the in the Leeds City Centre Primark I had to pop them in my basket. I got the plain white top from the normal clothing section for £3 because all of the plain pj tops are either vests which I hate wearing for bed or don’t match because they are a different design. I bought a few pairs of frilly socks from Topshop a while ago and wanted a white par but decided £3.50 a pair (!!?!) is a little ridiculous so I knew Primark wouldn’t let me down! These were £1 and I can’t wait to wear them with (hopefully) bare legs and Converse in the summer. I already have three black skater skirts (two plain and one velvet) but I couldn’t resist this textured one. It was £8 and came in khaki too. Primark jewellery is really good; I always buy a couple of bits every trip to Primark. This silver triangle necklace is £3 and will look cute under collars. The baby pink jumper is so soft and was only £5 which for Primark is really cheap! I can’t wait to wear it in the spring when pastel colours are back in!

I bought these fake Converse from New Look for £10. I own a few pairs of Converse but I’ve always wanted a pair of white low-tops. I’m reluctant to spend £30+ on a pair of actual Converse for them to get really mucky. New Look are really good for fake Converse, they have loads of colours and are really cheap too.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I bought: Christmas sales

I went a little shopping crazy after Christmas because, well who doesn’t love a sale?! I’ve put together the bits I got in the sales and I’ve got another post coming up with some non-sale bits that I’ve recently bought.

I venture into Next every so often, there’s a Next next door to where I work so I usually pop in before work. Their home ware range is amazing and isn’t that badly priced but I’ve never taken to their clothing. Some bits are ok but I think it a bit too ‘old’ for me and is really over-priced for what it is. The Next sale is the sale of Christmas so I had a wander in one day. The two jackets I bought are a total bargain; the grey boucle biker jacket is reduced down from £50 to £12 and the black boucle Chanel style jacket is reduced down from £42 to £14. Although I got them really cheap, they definitely aren’t worth the original price. I wouldn’t have paid £50 for the grey one at all; you could have got the same quality in Primark or New Look for a fraction of the price. I’ve worn the biker jacket a few times but I’m waiting until it’s warmer to wear they black one because it has three-quarter sleeves.

I’ve always wanted a pair of Jack Wills pants but 12.50 a pair is pretty steep. They were reduced down to £9 so I decided to treat myself to a pair.

The two necklaces are from New Look and are down from £4 and £5 down to £1. Bargain! One is a wish bone and the other is an angel and they’re both really sweet! The cowboy print shirt is my first foray into collar tips! It was reduced from £12 to £6 and it’s so silky.

Have you done a post on your Christmas sale buys? Leave your link in the comment section, I’d love to see what you bought :) 
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow day

Most of the UK has had some snow over the past week or so and we had a bit in Leeds until I woke up on Monday morning and we had loads! There’s a field at the bottom of my street so I went down to see loads of beautiful untouched snow waiting to be photographed! It was so thick too; it came over my boots! A lovely guy was clearing my street so people can get up and down which is really nice and proves that there are still neighbourly people out there! I got to spend a bit of time with my friend in the snow too and two random dogs came out of the middle of nowhere! Loads of people are off work/school/college/uni because of the snow and luckily it was my day off yesterday so I get to watch the snow fall in the comfort of my PJs and a nice hot cup of tea in my hand.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow! I know it can be a pain if you need to get somewhere but if you have the chance to enjoy it then do!
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Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday Update 20/1/13

Disney day – Snow – Disney Movie Rewards – Leeds looking cute when I finished work – Original 101 Dalmatians artwork – The Primark PJ bottoms of the ‘moment’ – Another Disney day – Chillin’ with Ariel.

The one thing that everyone has been talking about this week is the SNOW. Everyone seems to have got it in the UK and whilst I do love snow, I wish it came for Christmas! It’ nice when you don’t have to go anywhere such as work, but it’s awful when it turns to ice!

Just under two months until I go see On Direction! Everything is sorted, I’ve got the coach tickets booked, hotel booked and the time off work booked. I’m staying overnight because I’m seeing them in Sheffield and eventhough it’s around an hour drive, it means we can go back to the hotel in our own time and not have to rush back for a train or coach. I’m so excited!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post on social media. It’s something that I’m addicted to, like a lot of people, and sometimes you don’t think about what consequences what you post can have on you.

I’ve printed some printable blog planners after seeing some on Rebecca-Louise’s Instagram. I’m hoping they get me more organised when it comes to planning posts and keeping on top of posting! Fingers crossed!

I go to Manchester on Friday to Saturday to see TNA wrestling with my friend who’s addicted to it. It’ll be fun, hopefully the weather won’t affect our trip too much! Have a lovely week!
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

White chocolate and milk chocolate rice crispy cakes

These little bites of crunchy goodness are the easiest things to ‘bake’, so they are perfect if you want some quick and easy tea party treats.  These took me about 40-45 minutes to make, including getting my equipment out and washing up afterwoods. They are also really cheap to make and you hardly need any ingredients too.

What you’ll need:
Bars of white chocolate
Packet of chocolate rice crispies
Bun cases

You can use as much or as little chocolate and rice crispies for this as you want; it’s not like baking so you don’t need exact ingredients. I used two big bars of white chocolate and a full packet of rice crispies and it made roughly 30 cakes.

First step is to break up the chocolate into a large bowl and pop in the microwave. It took about 3-4 minutes to melt but I put it on for 30 seconds at a time to make sure the chocolate didn’t burn. Once it’s melted, mix in the rice crispies and add the mixture into bun cases. Then pop in the fridge for them to set. You could also put the mixture into a big baking tray and then cut into slices too.

These are best served whilst snug and cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sunday Update 13/1/13

Juice in my favourite cup – Outfit for shopping – Cosy movie night – “Because I’m a lady that’s why!” – Both films made me cry for very different reasons – Leeds’s attempt at snow – Recent shopping purchases – Jumped on an Instagram bandwagon – Yum – Mine and my brother’s dvd haul.

My Sunday Updates are always late because like another blogger recently said, Sundays are lazy dvd days and sometimes you an never be bothered to do posts like these. Usually on Sundays I’m always sorting my room out and cleaning it, which I like to do every Sunday to make sure it doesn’t end up really messy and dirty. I work on Saturday nights so it’s Sunday that I like to do stuff like that. I’m thinking of changing the post round a little bit so I’m not constrained to posting these every Sunday because often than not they never get posted on a Sunday. It’s something I’m thinking of at the moment.

My week has been slow and this week will also probably be slow too! But I have some new Disney dvds to be watched at some point this week!
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The dark side of social media

It’s not often I’m sat in front of the TV watching a programme that I’m REALLY interested in. My nights usually involve the soaps (Coronation Street and Eastenders FTW) then you’ll find me plugging my iPod in and digging out a magazine. Sometimes I’ll venture up to my room, put a few candles on and watch some Disney Classic movies with a nice mug of tea. My new favourite TV show is Mr Selfridge, which in fact I only wanted to watch because I’m a girl and of course I love anything to do with shopping. As a result in my obsession with Mr Selfridge, I realised I’m way too in love with Jeremy Piven. But I’ll save that for another time…

A programme called ‘Don’t Blame Facebook’ came on to my radar the other night so I decided to watch it. The whole concept of the programme was basically ‘be careful what you say/do online’. It featured people who had everything from prison sentences to job dismissals all because of what they said or did online. Everything you do and say on any social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on can have some form of consequence. Scary thought? I often worry about what I put online because everything and anything can be taken the wrong way. An innocent tweet can be misconstrued to something totally different and it really worries me sometimes. Something that can be a ‘joke’ in a real life situation can be misinterpreted to something completely different online.

I find it so much easier to talk to people and get my feelings across about something online than in real life. It’s always been that way since I was a teenager, when I first started on MySpace when I was 15. I always wanted to be ‘popular’ online and I soon gained around 1000 ‘friends’ on MySpace and around 5%, probably less in all fairness, I actually knew in real life. Fast forward to my adult life and a progression in social media and now I’m on most social media sites, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. I’m not going to lie to you all and say that gaining a new follower on Twitter or getting enough likes on a photo on Instagram so it says ’11 likes’ rather than list the people who like it, doesn’t make me feel a little bit happy. Facebook is for my ‘real life’ friends and I don’t even list where I work, although the majority do know where I work. I’m just worried that if I list where  I work, it will affiliate myself with the company and although I never say anything negative about work, I just worry anything I say could be picked up on. Twitter is for my ‘internet friends’ and I feel so much more comfortable saying how I feel about things because I don’t really feel like I’ll be judged on Twitter whereas I will on Facebook because I might say I’m sad one day on Facebook then the next day I have people I work with asking me about it. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes I’ve made online and I’ve learnt so much about how social media works and the disadvantages of it sometimes.

A few weeks ago I found a photo on Facebook that someone had liked. Now, whenever you like a link, photo etc on Facebook, it brings it up on your feed. The photo showed a teen girl and boy having a little 'personal time'. It was pretty weird because a random guy at the side was posing next to them as if to say ‘hey, I just crashed their sexy time, let’s document this monumental moment!’ The girl looked pretty devastated and the guy she was having 'personal time' with looked pretty pleased with himself (think thumbs up here). I read through some of the comments the picture received and it varied between saying the girl was a slut and a whore, some people were saying they’re doing a completely normal act. But through all this hate and praise the image received, I felt really sick and sorry for the people in the image. That image is now floating around Facebook and probably other social media sites for all to see. I’d be devastated if it was me. So it’s pretty obvious to warn you, but NO NUDE PHOTOS. Even photos sent on phones can easily be uploaded by your boyfriend, sent to friends to impress them or whatever, then they send them to their friends, and the next minute your nude private photos are all over the internet.

I’m really cautious of what I put content I put on my blog. It’s really strange really because I write down feelings, what I like, what I hate, even what beauty products I like to slap on my face (not literally!) but I like to keep some content private. Obvious details such as mobile phone numbers, addresses, exact areas you live etc needs to be kept private. I’ve posted the odd photo of my brother on my blog but I like to keep personal holiday photos and similar content private. At the end of the day your blog, including mine, isn’t just viewable (unless you set it to private and invitees only) by your followers, it is a website that can be viewed by millions of people from different countries. Uber scary thought when you think of it in that way. This means it’s so important to keep some details private. It’s ok to tweet that you’re going to Starbucks but try not to tweet the exact Starbz you’re going to.

Without wanting to sound patronising or rambling on and on, the moral of the story is to be careful what you say and do online. As well as being a negative sometimes, social media can be an absolute babe sometimes. I can find anything out from where my lost parcel is via a company’s Twitter account to who is going out with who.  Great! But it can also lead to criminal charges, dismissals from work and other gut-wrenching thoughts. My motto is to keep blogging/tweeting/typing/instagramming/tumblring/pinning/youtubing, but create yourself your own personal line that you know not to cross and stick to it. Happy social media-ering!*

*I totally made that word up by the way

Let me know if you’ve ever had issues or situations when social media has gone wrong for you! I’d love to hear what you think of this post, I’m hoping it makes people think about what they post online.
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Monday, 7 January 2013

Sunday Update 6/1/13

I haven’t had jam tarts in years, yummy! – Home Alone marathon – Post-Christmas shopping – Organising my skin/body stuff – Outfit for a cheeky Starbucks and shopping trip – Results of going shopping – Oh Zayn – Cute hair clip – New camera! – Found my McFly Obviously signed vinyl – Bought a cute mini daffodil plant for me to look after! – Mum’s dresser looks pretty.

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday post because the week after Christmas I was posting about what I got up to at Christmas and all the days have blurred in to one, so I kind of lost track of when I did posts like these! I’ve got a lot of photos because I’ve recently Instagrammed A LOT so sorry for the long post if you hate long ones!

I’m still gutted Christmas is over but all the decorations and the tree are down so it really does feel like a ‘new year, fresh start’. I’m decorating my room when it gets warmer so in prep I’ve tidied and organised my room. I’m a slight hoarder by nature but I’ve slowly weaned myself out of this and tend to chuck stuff out more than I used to. My room is nearly how I want it, apart from getting decorated, but I still have my wardrobe to sort out!

I’ve got a lot of posts planned for the next couple of weeks; it’s just finding the time to do them! But I’ve started to be a bit more organised and write them down so I don’t forget about them!

Have a lovely week!
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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Post festive blues...

I dread this time of the year; the first few weeks after Christmas and New Year are miserable and a little depressing. I hate the period after the festive season and it slowly starts to become the time to take the Christmas decorations down and give the house a good spring clean ready for reality to come creeping back in to your life. Christmas can’t last forever although I’ve wished every year since I was little that it could. On top of this it’s the anniversary of my Grandad’s death on the 2nd January. This year will be 11 years and I do miss him more every day. My Grandad was extremely smart and wise and he always me of an owl; he was always warm and cuddly like an owl too.  I’ll never forget the time when I was 10 when I started to read Harry Potter and he sat me down and told me that if I got stuck or confused on anything in the book to tell him and he’ll help me through it.

To help me get through the depressing month of January, I like to drink copious amounts of tea in cute mugs (preferably anything Disney or Starbucks related), have movie nights in bed with my favourite Disney teddies and have Disney classic movie marathons. Clear outs also help to keep a clear and happy mind so I like to have a decent clears out after Christmas and New Year. I’m planning on re-decorating my room hopefully in the spring, as well as getting rid of rubbish I don’t need/use and having a good clear out of clothes that don’t fit me anymore after losing weight. I have so many clothes that are massive on me and half of them I haven’t worn more than a few times but the way that I like to see it is that I don’t want to put weight back on to fit into them again so I might as well give them to a better home.

How do you survive the awful month of January?
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