Monday, 17 December 2012

Sunday Update 16/12/12

Fave boy – Baking cinnamon buns – Just out of the oven – Christmas tree – Resembling a cowboy with tan accessories and a checked shirt – Small MUA haul – Christmas present wrapping – Payday treat – More Christmas present wrapping – Excited! – Onesie time – Oh I look 12 again…

A big update this week! Sunday I went out with some friends from work for a double leaving meal. The guy in the first picture is my favourite boy, I’ve known him for 5 years and I’m gutted he’s leaving me for another job! We went to Red Hot Buffet which is perfect for meals with lots of people because it caters for all the fussy eaters! In case you don’t have one near you, the buffet has food from all around the world, like Chinese, Indian, Italian etc, so it’s really varied.

8 days until Christmas! It seems to come around so quickly! I have all my presents bought and wrapped and are now living under the tree for the next week. I’m working Christmas Eve and New Years Eve which sucks but I got the choice of what I wanted to work over Christmas and New Years so it’s kind of ok!
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