Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wish List: Christmas 2012 Edition

To be fair I will probably get a couple of things from this list before Christmas (*cough* Take Me Home.. *cough*) because I’m that impatient but the stuff I don’t technically ‘need’ for a while can be added to my list for Santa. Christmas is coming around pretty quickly, Movies 24 is now Christmas 24 (the little things) and Boots have fully stocked their shelves with pretty gifts that I just want to buy for myself.

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 – Recently I’m getting redness on my face (basically everywhere) and I end up looking like a tomato, not a good look! I have to have my hair tied up at work so it’s really noticeable and it’s basically everywhere on my face, so I’m hoping some of the Clinique Anti Redness Solutions range will help my skin out.

River Island silver metallic pleated skater skirt – Now I’ve ventured in to wearing skirts outside of my house ~shock horror~, I notice skirts more when I’m shopping. Skater skirts are my favourite style because I find them really flattering since they sit on the waist and my waist is a lot smaller since I’ve been loosing weight. I’ve seen this one in store and it’s perfect for the Christmas party season.

One Direction – Take Me Home – There’s a standard version of this and then a Yearbook version which I think you get extra tracks with and a book thing with it so obviously I’m getting both! I might get the standard version myself and ask Santa for the Yearbook copy.

Topshop velvet shorts – I need these I’m my life because they’re so perfect! I love navy for A/W and velvet is really luxe too.

The Diary of Edward the Hamster – OMG this is the funniest book I have ever read. I saw this at work but it was deleted so I couldn’t buy it but I was having a flick through it. It’s a compilation of diary entries written by Edward the Hamster and his outlook on his life is pretty depressing, too funny!

New Look black glitter ankle boots – These come in tan too but because I already have my Matalan boots in basically the same colour, I should really get these in black! I love the glitter detail on the back of them and they look so much more expensive than they’re priced.

Have you got a wish list ready for Santa? I’d love to know what you’re after for Christmas!
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  1. Love that skirt! It's oh so pretty. I always get scared with the cold and wearing skirts but for once I will be brave! Or so I keep saying

    Rhiannon x

  2. The sparkly skirt is too pretty, i love it! The boots are cool too :)

  3. That book sounds really funny. Reminds me of these Henry the Hamster books I read as a kid x

  4. I absolutely love those boots!
    Lovely Christmas wishlist!

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