Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top 5 Nail Polishes

L-R – Essie Ballet Slippers, Models Own Pink Fizz, Essie Cascade Cool, 17 Dazzle The Night in Wishing Star, Essie Grow Stronger base coat.

I’m not actually sure if a base coat counts as a nail polish but I use it every time I put new nail polish on so I guess that makes it count? It creates the perfect base to put any nail polish on. Essie Ballet Slippers is a really pale pink which isn’t worth £7.99 because you can hardly tell you have any on (I actually got in a four pack from TKMaxx for £9.99) but I wear it for work because I’m only allowed to wear nude polish and this makes my nails look like my natural nails only better. Models Own Pink Fizz is the perfect girly party nail polish. It’s a pain top take off but I adore the colour. 17 Dazzle The Night in Wishing Star is a polish from their Christmas collection, ‘Dazzle The Night’ and it’s a gorgeous gold/bronze/greenish colour which looks amazing under the light! Essie Cascade Cool is my go to colour at the moment!
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