Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday Update 4/11/12

Crumpets and TOWIE boxset in bed, lush | House sitting for my Nanna and Grandad | Why do I let my room get this messy?! | Finally bought some disco pants, River Island FYI | Forever looking like a child in the poorly lit River Island changing rooms | I always have to have a peek at the teen section in WHSmiths, oh dear....

I’ve not done that much this week apart from realise I’m so accident prone when I’m at work. Four mirrors fell on my toe at work (!!) and I was in so much pain that I actually felt sick! It’s really bruises and it bled quite a bit but it’s getting better now. I never realise how much flats crush your feet too; I had to wear Vans everywhere I went because they were the only shoes that were comfy, woe is me!

I have nothing else that interesting (ish) to tell you but its bonfire night tonight! Definitely a sign that winter is finally here! Also thank you to everyone who has asked if my brother is ok, he's totally fine now! My brother actually took it better than I did but I can't help but be protective!
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  1. Ouch, hope your toe is better soon!

  2. Ouch, sounds painful - I hope your toe is better soon!
    I have the River Island tube pants, too - I absolutely love them! xx

  3. Can't decide on those disco pants, not sure if I'd get that much wear out of them! I'm clumsy at work too, knocking over half of the window displays, dropping shoe boxes, falling down stairs, it's so embarrassing! x

  4. I love the River Island disco pants, been wearing them non-stop since buying them. I like how they are more matte than the AA! Ouch hope your toe gets better hun :)