Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Update 25/11/12

That time of the year when I wear fake uggs – Autumn leaves – Met Ross Kemp at work – Gingerbread Rudolph – New phone! – Cutest shoes – Outfit to go Christmas shopping – Sunday treat – My Nanna and Grandad treat me to sausage and chips – Mini Lush haul.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last posted. I’ve not really had the inspiration recently to blog, I’ve still been on Twitter and Instagram but I’ve just not been focused enough to write some posts. It happens to all bloggers at some point and sometime your ‘real life’ takes over for a little while.

I met Ross Kemp at work when he came to do a book signing. He was really nice and I got a signed book and a photo with him, excited! He was extra nice to me too since I was an employee! I also got a new phone (thank god!) since my contract was up for renewal. I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I really wanted an S3 but that meant my contract would go up loads more. I’m happy with it though; my last phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) was really slow and had no phone memory left so I’m happy I’ve got a brand new fast phone!

I do actually have some posts planned for the week so hopefully all will be back to normal. Have a lovely week; 29 days until Christmas!!
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  1. Jealous that you met Ross Kemp! I miss my fake uggs x

  2. Great blog! :-D maaann I want chips now...

    New follower :-D
    Amber X