Friday, 30 November 2012

We Heart It Faves: Christmas Edition #1

I hopefully going to try and do one of these posts every Friday in the run up to Christmas. Browsing through Christmas photos on We Heart It really gets me in the mood for Christmas so I hope these posts gets you in the Christmas spirit even if you are a Scrooge!
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top 5 Nail Polishes

L-R – Essie Ballet Slippers, Models Own Pink Fizz, Essie Cascade Cool, 17 Dazzle The Night in Wishing Star, Essie Grow Stronger base coat.

I’m not actually sure if a base coat counts as a nail polish but I use it every time I put new nail polish on so I guess that makes it count? It creates the perfect base to put any nail polish on. Essie Ballet Slippers is a really pale pink which isn’t worth £7.99 because you can hardly tell you have any on (I actually got in a four pack from TKMaxx for £9.99) but I wear it for work because I’m only allowed to wear nude polish and this makes my nails look like my natural nails only better. Models Own Pink Fizz is the perfect girly party nail polish. It’s a pain top take off but I adore the colour. 17 Dazzle The Night in Wishing Star is a polish from their Christmas collection, ‘Dazzle The Night’ and it’s a gorgeous gold/bronze/greenish colour which looks amazing under the light! Essie Cascade Cool is my go to colour at the moment!
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

I haven’t been in Lush for years; I think I was around fifteen when I last went in. It always smells amazing when I walk past the Leeds store but I’ve never fancied popping in. The staff were nice and friendly when I went in too, it’s always nice when you get good customer service!

I’ve never bought a lip scrub before so I decided to give this a good. It smells amazing and I love the whole ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ mantra Lush has. It even tells me on the bottom of the pot when it was made too! The main ingredient is castor sugar and the rest are organic (I think!) so it tells you on the pot that you can lick off the excess when you use it. Yum! I also bought the Father Christmas bath bomb and I’m saving it until it’s a little nearer Christmas!

What are you’re favourite Lush products?
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Update 25/11/12

That time of the year when I wear fake uggs – Autumn leaves – Met Ross Kemp at work – Gingerbread Rudolph – New phone! – Cutest shoes – Outfit to go Christmas shopping – Sunday treat – My Nanna and Grandad treat me to sausage and chips – Mini Lush haul.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last posted. I’ve not really had the inspiration recently to blog, I’ve still been on Twitter and Instagram but I’ve just not been focused enough to write some posts. It happens to all bloggers at some point and sometime your ‘real life’ takes over for a little while.

I met Ross Kemp at work when he came to do a book signing. He was really nice and I got a signed book and a photo with him, excited! He was extra nice to me too since I was an employee! I also got a new phone (thank god!) since my contract was up for renewal. I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I really wanted an S3 but that meant my contract would go up loads more. I’m happy with it though; my last phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) was really slow and had no phone memory left so I’m happy I’ve got a brand new fast phone!

I do actually have some posts planned for the week so hopefully all will be back to normal. Have a lovely week; 29 days until Christmas!!
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Update 11/11/12

Bonfire night fireworks | Bonfire at my local park | It’s that time of the year again! | Thanks Mr Postman | Parkin | These were (almost) too cute to eat!

This week saw me donning my scarf and gloves for the first time this year and braving the cold November nights to go see the bonfire and fireworks at my local park and also to see the Christmas Lights in Leeds get switched on. The bonfire and fireworks were lovely, although I’ve never seen so many people in a park before; I literally had a hundred people bash into me and stand on my feet. The Christmas Lights in Leeds were switched on, on Thursday by Tyler James, The Loveable Rogues, (Chico, yes really!) oh and Santa! Leeds City Centre was almost at a standstill and it was pretty crazy getting out after but it was nice to finally feel like Christmas is coming!

I’ve also made an important decision about my future this week; a ‘better late than never’ one to be fair but I’m glad I’ve finally made the decision. I’ll fill you guys in more when everything gets sorted!

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wish List: Christmas 2012 Edition

To be fair I will probably get a couple of things from this list before Christmas (*cough* Take Me Home.. *cough*) because I’m that impatient but the stuff I don’t technically ‘need’ for a while can be added to my list for Santa. Christmas is coming around pretty quickly, Movies 24 is now Christmas 24 (the little things) and Boots have fully stocked their shelves with pretty gifts that I just want to buy for myself.

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 – Recently I’m getting redness on my face (basically everywhere) and I end up looking like a tomato, not a good look! I have to have my hair tied up at work so it’s really noticeable and it’s basically everywhere on my face, so I’m hoping some of the Clinique Anti Redness Solutions range will help my skin out.

River Island silver metallic pleated skater skirt – Now I’ve ventured in to wearing skirts outside of my house ~shock horror~, I notice skirts more when I’m shopping. Skater skirts are my favourite style because I find them really flattering since they sit on the waist and my waist is a lot smaller since I’ve been loosing weight. I’ve seen this one in store and it’s perfect for the Christmas party season.

One Direction – Take Me Home – There’s a standard version of this and then a Yearbook version which I think you get extra tracks with and a book thing with it so obviously I’m getting both! I might get the standard version myself and ask Santa for the Yearbook copy.

Topshop velvet shorts – I need these I’m my life because they’re so perfect! I love navy for A/W and velvet is really luxe too.

The Diary of Edward the Hamster – OMG this is the funniest book I have ever read. I saw this at work but it was deleted so I couldn’t buy it but I was having a flick through it. It’s a compilation of diary entries written by Edward the Hamster and his outlook on his life is pretty depressing, too funny!

New Look black glitter ankle boots – These come in tan too but because I already have my Matalan boots in basically the same colour, I should really get these in black! I love the glitter detail on the back of them and they look so much more expensive than they’re priced.

Have you got a wish list ready for Santa? I’d love to know what you’re after for Christmas!
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dove Nourishing Oil Care range

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Deep Repair Treatment Mask

I’m a little behind on this bandwagon since the Nourishing Oil stuff came out months and months ago, but at the time I never got round to buying any of the products. I’m new to Dove hair-care products; they’ve just never particularly stood out to me on the shelf. I was in Boots a couple of weeks back and saw that Boots had an offer on most Dove hair-care stuff, so I decided to pick up these two.  They were both roughly half price (not sure if the offer is still on!) so they both came out at around £1.60-£2, bargain! I’m on a hair mission at the moment; I’m buying so many conditioners, leave in treatments and serums so I can get my hair feeling healthy. I have really fine hair so any damage is really obvious and I hate it when my ends feel dry and awful.

The Express Conditioner is an everyday conditioner, although I prefer to use it every other day. It leaves my hair feeling really healthy and I can see myself repurchasing when I run out. It’s nothing special in comparison to the other everyday conditioners I have but I really like the way this one lathers. The Regenerating Mask is pretty special though! I’ve been keeping my eye open for a decent priced mask; something I can use once a week for a deep treatment. I leave this on for 5 or so minutes and wash off and I love the results I get. My hair feels really soft, healthy and looks really shiny too. I only have to use a 50p amount of this to get enough to cover the ends and mid-length of my hair, although you may have to use ore because my hair is really fine. I’m defiantly going to re-purchase this when it runs out! I’m also going to get my hands on the Leave In Conditioner to because I’ve read some pretty good reviews on that too.

Have you tried the Dove Nourishing Oil products? 
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Monday, 5 November 2012

GIVEAWAY: Friends prize pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I’m working with PartnersHub and Warner Bros. again to help promote the release of the Friends Complete Series Blu-Ray boxset which is released on 12th November 2012 in the UK.

The prize for the lucky winner is 2 oversized cappuccino mugs and a photo frame like the one on Monica’s door! Pretty cool right?! The giveaway is open until Thursday 29th November and is hosted using Rafflecopter. I will then select a winner and contact you to let you know you’ve won and also for your contact details to pass on to PartnersHub for them to send you your prize! There’ a few rules to check out before you enter!

- You must live in the UK
- No P.O Box addresses
- If you win, I’ll contact you within 24 hours of the closing date (29/11/12) for your contact details which will then be passed on to PartnersHub who will send you your prize

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Sunday Update 4/11/12

Crumpets and TOWIE boxset in bed, lush | House sitting for my Nanna and Grandad | Why do I let my room get this messy?! | Finally bought some disco pants, River Island FYI | Forever looking like a child in the poorly lit River Island changing rooms | I always have to have a peek at the teen section in WHSmiths, oh dear....

I’ve not done that much this week apart from realise I’m so accident prone when I’m at work. Four mirrors fell on my toe at work (!!) and I was in so much pain that I actually felt sick! It’s really bruises and it bled quite a bit but it’s getting better now. I never realise how much flats crush your feet too; I had to wear Vans everywhere I went because they were the only shoes that were comfy, woe is me!

I have nothing else that interesting (ish) to tell you but its bonfire night tonight! Definitely a sign that winter is finally here! Also thank you to everyone who has asked if my brother is ok, he's totally fine now! My brother actually took it better than I did but I can't help but be protective!
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