Monday, 22 October 2012

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Checked shirt / Primark (old)
Black skater skirt / New Look
Boots / Matalan
Tights / Primark (150 denier)
Burdundy sparkly socks / Topshop (really old)
Bag / Zara
Gold necklace / Primark
Gold bow bracelet / Primark
Navy pea-coat / Primark

What’s this, a proper outfit post?! Finallyyyyy. I digged out a tripod that belongs to my Dad and decided to shoot some half decent photos. It was miserable weather and it started to rain just before I shot these, so I had to wait until it had stopped and position the tripod in the doorway of my back door so my camera didn’t get wet. I think the next door neighbour on the opposite street caught me posing – awks! I wore this last Monday when I went with my Mum to the train station to see her off to Preston for a week. She’s going with work and she has to travel on a train on her own which she’s never done before so I offered to help make sure she got on the right train!

I’ve not worn a skirt outside the house in years and I was so conscious of having a ‘Marilyn’ moment with this skirt so I wore a long black vest underneath to try and help avoid flashing to everyone.  I’ve hardly worn any other shoes since I got these boots; they go with everything and are perfect for when the weather is rubbish! I got the shirt last year I love a good checked shirt! The colours in this one are perfect for autumn too. I felt really classy in this outfit too; I think my style has become more grown up over the past year or so!
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  1. Katie, you look lovely! I love this outfit, it's definitely the sort of thing I would wear myself. Also, if these are your first time photos using a tripod you're obvs a natural! They've turned out well.. I still struggle to fit myself in the frame haha xx

    1. Thank you Hev! Haha I had to rest the tripod on a chair because it's one of those mini ones (useless really, not sure why my Dad got a mini one!)so it was a lot of trial and error! Thank you! xxx

  2. You look so beautiful babe :D

    Love the skirt & if you ever have a Marilyn moment, you work it girl. ;) xxxxxxxxx

  3. aaah i love your coat! so cool :-)