Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Update 7/10/12

One Direction week in The Sun | Always getting bruises thanks to work | Bloggin’ | Lemon meringue pie | Pretty collar detail | I was featured on Beauty Butterfly

I’ve been working 12-10pm shifts from Wednesday until yesterday so I’ve had no time to blog at all. This week I’m doing 47 .5 hours which are the most I’ve ever done in a week since I started working when I was 17. I’m trying to think of the money I’ll get when it’s payday, although I’m dreading how much the tax-man will take off me! I want to buy a new laptop because mine died a year ago and I’ve never got round to saving for another one, so I'm probably going to buy one with the extra money I'll get. Blogging on a desktop is awful! I’m going to schedule a couple of posts for the week because I hate only doing one a week like last week!

My parents have gone to Liverpool for a few days which means I get to play ‘house’ for a bit! I’m much more house proud than my brother, so I’ll be cooking the meals and tidying up after him, despite the fact that he’s technically older than me by two minutes!
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  1. Would it if you checked out my week in photos also, I saw your feature! You should back log all your blog posts so you always have some to post of those extra busy weeks, I find that I get a day in a week were I can sit down and type a post up that's it so I type lots up on that day to last me for the week :) organised blogger ;) xx

  2. That bruise lools horrible, how did you get it? X