Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sunday Update 14/10/12

Nice cuppa after work | Outfit 1 | Bought 4 magazines in 1 day, oops | New laptop!| My bed is always at its comfiest when I have to get up | Nesting tins for my room | Outfit 2 | Left my Mum on a train on her own for the first time ever, heart-breaking!

This week’s update is late (again) because I spent all day Sunday relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. I was working most of last week and only had Tuesday off which I spent seeing my friend Danya. We went shopping, had lunch at Pret and then later we had a cheeky homemade chocolate brownie at this amazing little cafĂ© in the Thorntons Arcade in Leeds city centre which was really cute and had everything from muffins to olives. I didn’t notice the name but the lady who served us was amazingly friendly! I did a bit of overtime last week and racked up 47.5 hours which I like to remind my workaholic Dad that my working week last week was only 2.5 hours shy of his working week. My hours are back to normal this week so blogging will be back to normal.

As I’m typing this I’m not only doing it on my new laptop (!!) but I’m also at my Nana and Grandad’s because I’m house sitting for then whilst they’ve gone out for the afternoon. They still haven’t had their window replaced after it was broken when they were burgled 6 weeks ago so they don’t leave the house unless someone can house sit. I hate the situation that they’re in; no one should have to ever feel like they can’t leave their house without anyone in but of course I’m more than willing to look after it whilst they can get to go out. I’m getting treated to sausage and chips for tea from the chippy when they get back so happy days!

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  1. Aw. love the aristocats mug ! Sorry to hear about your granparents' window, but I'm sure they're happy that you can look after it for them.

  2. Such a pretty mug! I want one like it so bad :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  3. Bless you looking after their house! Top grandaughter =) x