Thursday, 13 September 2012

The finishing touches

Here are my favourite corners of my room since I had a clearout and bought nice new things! My room hasn’t been re-decorated but I have fairly nice walls (lilac) and I like my floor (floorboards painted white), I just hate how my furniture doesn’t match! Oh well, it looks ok for now! I’m happy with how well some areas turned out, like my dressing table looks clutter free for once. I made the Instagram collage too although I want to change some of the photos, but it will just be a case of printing off individual ones and stick over the ones I want to change. I’ve had the bunting and the ‘Keep calm and drink tea’ sign displayed for about a year, but they look a lot better with the extra bits I’ve added to my room. I’m popping to The Range at some point during the week because I’m obsessed with buying bits for my room and they have some really nice cheap bits there!
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  1. Organizing cosmetics and toiletries really is a satisfying task. I just went through my bed side table cupboard that was filled with old perfumes and body lotion i'll never wear, and I got rid of heaps of stuff and now its all neat and I feel like a boss!

  2. I love your instagram collage, what a great idea xx