Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Update 9/8/12

New layout! | Hardly get any post any more so it's a bonus to get two things in one day!

Sorry for the abysmal update this week. I’ve had one of those surreal, odd weeks that come around every once in a while. I’ve literally been M.I.A from Twitter and Instagram for most of the week because I really wasn’t in the mood! I found out Wednesday night after I finished work that my Nanna and Grandad were burgled Wednesday afternoon whilst they were out shopping. The only material things that were taken were my Grandad’s laptop and some tubs of change that my Nanna had. The burglars entered by smashing through the living window at the back of their house, but because they have double glazing, the first pane of glass was smashed and then they cut out the second pane to get in. My grandparents are absolutely distraught, they’re in their 70s and it’s hard for someone who’s paid taxes and worked for 50 odd years of their life to have someone break into their house and takes things that they’ve worked so hard for. So I spent the rest of the week spending time with them and helping my family try and get insurance and police stuff sorted so my grandparents don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, I've learned to ‘stop being a pussy all the time’ (wise words from my brother there!) this week and that sometimes you have to take risks otherwise you end up regretting the 'what ifs' in life.

Have a great week guys! Oh by the way, I go to Liverpool a week on Monday, excited!
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