Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Update 30/9/12

Trying to dress so I won’t get too soaked in the rain, failed though! | New coat | Cat knows me too well | Had to be bought.

The weather has been so awful this past week! I really didn’t want to go out on Monday but I had to go in to town to run some errands, so I tried to dress as best as I good so I wouldn’t get soaked. I kind of failed to be honest! I haven’t Instagrammed much in the past week; sometimes I never have anything interesting to post, oh well! I’m going shopping with my Mum tomorrow which will be nice! We hardly get the chance to go shopping together which I hate because she’s the perfect shopping partner. Going to treat her to her first Starbucks too!
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  1. Great photos hun, haha gotta love the 1D obsession :) Your coat looks really cute :)


  2. I'm totally kicking myself in the ass for not pre-ordering The Casual Vacancy, is it good? x

  3. love your hair!
    ooh im tempted to get that jk book! let me know if its any good x

  4. So proud to be featured on your blog. ;)

    Please tell me you watched it & laughed your head off like I did!? :D BRING ON THE ALANS! xxxxxxxxxx