Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Update 23/9/12

Albert Dock | Hello Kitty onesie, the feet are so cute! | Did lots of shopping in Liverpool… | Tea and Millie’s cookie = heaven | Some Liverpool purchases | Chillin’ | Hello Kitty! | Me and Danya on the news!

I didn’t take many Instagram photos in Liverpool because I wanted to take more on my camera as they are better quality and I wanted to come home with some proper photos. The highlight of my week (after Liverpool of course!) was getting interviewed for the news! Me and Danya were shopping in Leeds city centre when a Look North journalist (BBC regional news for Yorkshire) stopped us in the street to ask us some questions. She had a map of the UK without city names on and asked us to point out where different places are. We were cut to about a 5 second clip, but I set my SKY + for it as she said it would be on the Saturday morning breakfast news. It was really cool to meet a BBC journalist because as you some may already know I did some work experience at ITV’s regional news for Yorkshire a couple of months ago so I’ve had a taste of both sides! You can read about my trip to Liverpool here! Have a lovely week guys!
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  1. I spy the HK onesie. :D


  2. Liverpool sounds really really cool- oa