Thursday, 27 September 2012

New additions

I’ve gone a bit shopping crazy over the past couple of weeks or so I’ve bought a few bits and bobs. I’ve included a mixture of things that I bought whilst I was in Liverpool last week and bits I’ve bought since I’ve got back. I’m now trying not to buy anything that I don’t need but I really don’t think I’ll stick to that, I never do anyway!

Basic shopper, Zara , £19.99 – I bought this whilst I was in Liverpool. I’ve wanted it for a while after seeing it on the website but I never got round to buying it. I saw it whilst I was queuing up with Anna and had to get it. It’s so soft and the perfect size for fitting everything and the kitchen sink in like I usually do when I go out! I actually had to exchange it when I got back to Leeds because the plastic edging around the handles had split and I could tell that if you gave it a tug, then the material would rip.
Black skater skirt, New Look, £12.99 – This is the first skirt I’ve bought in a good few years. I never wear skirts but I’ve wanted a plain black skirt that sits on the waist and that I can tuck tops into. I’m really conscious of it blowing up and revealing all in the middle of the street but I have some thick 150 denier tights that I’m going to wear with it!
Black baroque trousers, New Look, £22.99 – I fell in love with these trousers the minute I saw them. I love the zip detail at the bottom and they are so comfy! I’m getting into smarter clothes because I’ve been going to interviews etc and I only have one pair of smart black trousers.
Navy pea-coat, Primark, £18 – I went to get a refund on a playsuit that I bought which didn’t fit and saw this beauty on my way to the refund desk. The filter makes it look black/grey but it’s actually navy. I love the collar detail and it had a really cute bow on the back!
Two tone blazer, H&M, £10 (in the sale) – I’ve wanted a new blazer for a while, I have a plain black one but it’s getting a bit old now. I saw this in the H&M sale and my friend made me get it! It’s really smart and I love the two tone effect because it makes it really slimming.
White pumps, Deichmann, £9.99 – Burgundy bow pumps, Primark, £8 – Black studded pumps, Primark, £10 – I bought all three shoes when I was in Liverpool last week. I bought the white pumps as a substitute for Vans Authentics because they look really similar but a fraction of the price. I have two pairs of Vans but I’ve wanted a white pair for a while and I’m pretty reluctant to spend £45 on a pair that will get really dirty. Primark pumps are the best; I buy all my ballet pumps from Primark!
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  1. I still adore studded pumps...although I probably shouldn't have chosen a pink pair as they're looking a bit worn out now haha.

  2. i love all of the items that you picked out.. ESPECIALLY that bag <3

  3. I love the skater skirt I've just bought the same one myself, now I just need to get some tights :-)

  4. I love the burgundy flats and studded loafers :) I have the ones from Topshop on my blog! I also love the skater skirt!