Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Matalan clutch

Matalan oversized envelope clutch
(sorry for my chunky thighs, I did have shorts on but are hidden by the bag!)

I bought this clutch whilst I was on holiday for a cool £8! I saw it the day before I actually bought it, but didn’t end up buying it because it was near closing time and I couldn’t be bothered to queue in the massive queue, lazyyy. So the next day I decided to make a quick stop and get it. I was obsessed with this burgundy colour last autumn/winter and I know I’m going to be just as obsessed this year. In fact, I bought this top I’m wearing in the photo on holiday (New Look) which is basically the same colour. I plan to use it during the day and dress it down and use it at night too. It’s a nice size so it fits night time essentials and the basic stuff I use during the day in nicely, sweet! I’ve not been able to use it yet for during the day because every time I’ve gone out it’s either raining and I can’t fit an umbrella in (can’t quite fit everything in then) or I’m planning on serious shopping and I need a bag with handles for that!

Note: This is a sechule post (sorrweee!!) as I’m at work at the moment. I don’t often schedule posts for when I’m at work but from Tuesday until Saturday I’m working lates so I don’t really have much time to do some posts before or after work.
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  1. I love that clutch, what a gorgeous colour! Chunky thighs???? What you talking about girl, they look great XX

  2. This is beautiful hun, love it :) xxxxxx