Friday, 21 September 2012

Liverpool 2012

1 – Standard hotel bathroom mirror photo | 2 – River Mersey | 3 – Albert Dock | 4 – Me (rather wind-swept) and a Super Lambanana | 5 – Beatles exhibition at the Liverpool Museum | 6 – More Beatles at the Liverpool Museum | 7 – Me and Anna | 8 – Items from the Titanic wreckage | 9 – Flooring at the Maritime museum.

Liverpool is one of my favourite places to visit in England; I’ve been three times now in the past year and a bit and I absolutely adore the place. I took loads of photos but I didn’t want to overload you with photos so I picked a selection to show you! We went shopping a lot, the shops are amazing! We also went to two free museums, the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool. The Maritime museum has loads of cool stuff based on the sea (hence the name), including some bits of clothing that were worn by Titanic survivors. There was also a separate Titanic exhibition on (on until April 2013) with some amazing things in including some actual items that were brought up from the wreckage (photo 8). I love boats and anything to do with the Titanic and the sea and if you’re like similar things then the Maritime museum is definitely something to check out! The Museum of Liverpool is more diverse and has exhibitions on The Beatles and other Liverpool bits. Both museums are free and definitely worth a check out because both are amazing! We ate at The Pump House on our second day and it’s somewhere you must go! The food is typical pub grub and is fairly priced. I had a beef burger with cheese and it was the best burger I’ve ever had! 

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