Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Home haul

Cream basket - TK Maxx, Pink bullet bin - Wilkinson, Cream kitchen utensil pots - Wilkinson, Pink and blue floral boxes - TK Maxx, Metal lavender pot - TK Maxx, Love Listography journal - TK Maxx

Unfortunately I take after my mother (who takes after my Grandad) when it comes to hoarding. I’m not as bad as my Mum (sorry Mum!) but in the past I saved magazines from over a year ago and hoarded stuff that I ironically thought would ‘come in use someday’. That day never came for half of the stuff I had, so I relentlessly chucked a load of stuff out. I now throw magazines away after I’ve read them and try to keep my room looking nice and tidy. I’d prefer a whole load of new furniture so my room can look something like this but I’m saving that for when the time comes for me to move out. 

In the past week I’ve been on a mega home bits and bobs spree and I’ve bought a few bits to make my room look a bit more coordinated. The two cream pots are actually kitchen utensil pots from Wilko and were only £2.50 each. I bought one for my makeup brushes and one for my hairbrushes. I’m also tempted to get another one for my bracelets that I tend to wear all the time because they're just dumped on my dressing table at the moment. The bin was also from Wilko and was reduced from £6.00 to £4.50, I love the bright pink! I bought some stuff from my favourite shop at the moment, TK Maxx. TK Maxx is best for beauty/makeup stuff, shoes and home ware. I’ve only ever bought one jumper because I can never be bothered to look through the rails. I get all giddy when I reach the makeup section (hello £7.99 Essie 4 packs?) and even giddier when I reach the home ware section! I really can’t wait until the day I buy my first home because I will spend so much time and money there! I bought the cream basket for £4.99 and I’m using it to house all my hair products and perfume, which are currently stored in an unattractive blue plastic basket. The gorgeous little lavender basket was £3.99 and is going to hold the essentials I use everyday on my dressing table, like deodorant, cleanser etc. The floral and polka dot boxes were £1.49 (pink) and £1.99 (blue), how cheap?! The love listography book was a random purchase and I feel so indie buying it! I didn’t realise it was a love one until I got home because I didn’t really browse through it much before I got it and it has kind of awkward things in it like ‘favourite sex positions’. Oh dear.
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