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Becoming healthy the 'Katie way'

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Firstly I’ll apologise for the crap title, I really couldn’t think of one and secondly for the essay length post! If you manage to get to the bottom – thank you! I’ve been thinking about doing a post on weight loss/healthy eating for a while because for the past year I’ve been watching my weight and what I eat, so I decided to finally do a post now because I feel like I can help gives tips etc more now than when I just started.

I’ve always been chubby in my teens. I wasn’t particularly a chubby kid when I was younger but as I got into my teens and onwards the weight slowly piled on. When I was 17 (2007) I decided to try and lose some weight. For about six months I cut out crisps/chocolate/junk food and went to the gym three times a week. I lost a stone in 6 months and I felt great. I was still planning to lose more weight but I slowly reduced going to the gym to two times a week, then to once a week then to never. I didn’t really have the motivation back then to carry on and I put the weight back on. Fast forward to 2011 when I met my super skinny ex and the motivation to lose weight came back fighting. I didn’t want to be the ‘bigger one’ in the relationship and at the time I was. A girl never wants to be the bigger person in the relationship; naturally men are bigger than women (in height, weight, build). In fact I was bigger than him in nearly all three (he was more or less the same height than me).

So this started an epic bid to lose weight, become slim and healthy. I nearly cried when I weighed myself for the first time in nearly three years and I decided that to get to the weight I personally wanted to be, I needed to lose four stone. Sounds a lot but I know that it’s a healthy weight that I need to be. I’ve lost just under two stone (although I keep putting on a couple of pounds then loosing them again, then putting another pound on….etc) so I’m about half way there. Why I wanted to write about this is because I’ve had loads of people ask me if I’ve lost weight and how I’ve done it (I’ll list how I have later on!). People have told me I look really slim and it’s boosted my confidence SO much. I personally can’t seem much of a change but it puts a massive smile on my face when someone comments on my weight loss. I’ll give you guys some tips how I’ve done it!

  • Calorie counting – Some people say don’t calorie count, some people say do. I personally feel that for me I have to. I realised that because I snacked A LOT before, I was probably going way over the 2000 limit a day for women. I don’t count everything I eat but I try to make sure I don’t go over 2000 kcals a day. Also, if you do calorie count, do not let it take over your life! Do it a healthy and safe way!
  • Eat less – As I mentioned before I snacked a lot. I’d have my lunch, then later before I tea I’d get a bit hungry so I’d have a packet of crisps and a chocolate biscuit. Not only is that adding about 400 calories, I soon learned when I changed my eating habits that it reduced my hunger for about 15 minutes, if that, then I'd get hungry again.
  • Set better eating patterns – Before I’d usually skip breakfast, pig out at lunch, snack throughout the day then have my tea. I now have more organised meals, a breakfast, lunch and tea.
  • Still treat yourself! – Yeah I still have crisps, chocolate and even takeaways! But I’ll have a packet of crisps with a sandwich and instead of having half a bar of the big bars of Dairy Milk; I’ll have a few squares. I still have takeaways, but I make sure that throughout the day I’ll have lighter options than usual, like soup for lunch instead of a sandwich.
  • Become a gym bunny – I say this but I don’t go to the gym all the time! In fact I haven’t actually been in about of month or so! But I do enjoy exercising, so if you have the time, try the gym once a week. People can lose loads of weight just by eating better and not going to the gym but exercise helps and it does feel really good after two hours in the gym!
  • Remember you’re not on a diet – If I was to lose all the weight I want to and then start eating like I did before, the weight will come piling back on! It’s hard to not be one of those people who can eat loads and not put weight on but I’ve faced facts a long time ago so I’m changing my eating habits for good.

I hope this has helped if you were thinking of changing your eating habits or wanting to lose weight. I’m not an expert but I feel like I can give tips on where I’ve gone right and where I’ve gone wrong! Remember, you’re beautiful no matter what size you are.
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