Monday, 3 September 2012

(A rather late) Sunday Update 2/9/12

Standard Primark trip | Tongue twister sweets! | Realised I bought a lot of clothes whilst I was on holiday | Most unreal episode of Jeremy Kyle ever | Essie bargains in TKMaxx again! | Didn’t realise Crunchies are 186 calories, not as bad as I thought | Wearing Orange Circle | Coolest shoes ever | Few bits for my bedroom and other random bits and bobs | Katy Perry omg.

Eeek, my Sunday posts are getting later every week! Or at least it feels like they are! I spent all day yesterday tidying and cleaning my room and after I finished, I really couldn’t be bothered to blog. Today I went shopping and to return a jacket I got from Primark. I got a couple of bits from my bedroom, a bin (so exciting) and two kitchen utensil jars that I’m going to use for my makeup brushes and my hairbrushes (so exciting also). What do you think of the new layout by the way? I’ve wanted to change it since before I went on holiday but I couldn’t get the header right and ended up creating a few designs that I wasn’t happy with until I created the one I’m using from scratch today. The image is from Whitby on my holiday! There is a slight nautical theme going if anyone hasn’t noticed yet because as you may have heard me mention a gazillion times I happen to love the coast. I’ve changed bits and bobs on my pages (about me, contact and for sale) so check those out too! Oh and my name at the bottom of posts is my handwriting which I scanned in to make my blog seem a bit more personal, hope you like it!

Also, I’m going to Liverpool in two weeks! I went last year and it’s one of those places you immediately fall in love with the minute you step off the train on to the platform. So me and Anna are going again this year and we plan to shop (obviously), be culture geeks (classy!) and check out some museums (albeit free ones) and get drunk and buy 50 chicken nuggets at 3am (not so classy).

I’m working lates most of this week so posts will be sparse if any at all but I do have some planned! (don’t I always say this?!). Have a nice week! 
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  1. i took a picture of that girl on jeremy kyle too! on my instagram.
    the shoes are gorgeous!