Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Update 30/9/12

Trying to dress so I won’t get too soaked in the rain, failed though! | New coat | Cat knows me too well | Had to be bought.

The weather has been so awful this past week! I really didn’t want to go out on Monday but I had to go in to town to run some errands, so I tried to dress as best as I good so I wouldn’t get soaked. I kind of failed to be honest! I haven’t Instagrammed much in the past week; sometimes I never have anything interesting to post, oh well! I’m going shopping with my Mum tomorrow which will be nice! We hardly get the chance to go shopping together which I hate because she’s the perfect shopping partner. Going to treat her to her first Starbucks too!
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

New additions

I’ve gone a bit shopping crazy over the past couple of weeks or so I’ve bought a few bits and bobs. I’ve included a mixture of things that I bought whilst I was in Liverpool last week and bits I’ve bought since I’ve got back. I’m now trying not to buy anything that I don’t need but I really don’t think I’ll stick to that, I never do anyway!

Basic shopper, Zara , £19.99 – I bought this whilst I was in Liverpool. I’ve wanted it for a while after seeing it on the website but I never got round to buying it. I saw it whilst I was queuing up with Anna and had to get it. It’s so soft and the perfect size for fitting everything and the kitchen sink in like I usually do when I go out! I actually had to exchange it when I got back to Leeds because the plastic edging around the handles had split and I could tell that if you gave it a tug, then the material would rip.
Black skater skirt, New Look, £12.99 – This is the first skirt I’ve bought in a good few years. I never wear skirts but I’ve wanted a plain black skirt that sits on the waist and that I can tuck tops into. I’m really conscious of it blowing up and revealing all in the middle of the street but I have some thick 150 denier tights that I’m going to wear with it!
Black baroque trousers, New Look, £22.99 – I fell in love with these trousers the minute I saw them. I love the zip detail at the bottom and they are so comfy! I’m getting into smarter clothes because I’ve been going to interviews etc and I only have one pair of smart black trousers.
Navy pea-coat, Primark, £18 – I went to get a refund on a playsuit that I bought which didn’t fit and saw this beauty on my way to the refund desk. The filter makes it look black/grey but it’s actually navy. I love the collar detail and it had a really cute bow on the back!
Two tone blazer, H&M, £10 (in the sale) – I’ve wanted a new blazer for a while, I have a plain black one but it’s getting a bit old now. I saw this in the H&M sale and my friend made me get it! It’s really smart and I love the two tone effect because it makes it really slimming.
White pumps, Deichmann, £9.99 – Burgundy bow pumps, Primark, £8 – Black studded pumps, Primark, £10 – I bought all three shoes when I was in Liverpool last week. I bought the white pumps as a substitute for Vans Authentics because they look really similar but a fraction of the price. I have two pairs of Vans but I’ve wanted a white pair for a while and I’m pretty reluctant to spend £45 on a pair that will get really dirty. Primark pumps are the best; I buy all my ballet pumps from Primark!
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Monday, 24 September 2012

Why I wear makeup

Left – 2009, when I resembled a panda everyday | Right – 2012, when I finally learnt that less is really more!

I’ve seen this tag on a few blogs so I though I’d put my two cents in. My makeup journey has been a fairly rocky one but I finally feel happy with how I do my makeup now. I had my first experimentations of makeup around the age of 15 when I wanted to wear a bit of eyeshadow and powder for my year 11 school photograph. It was nothing heavy and looking at the photograph I had taken, you can’t really tell I had any on. But at the time girls started to wear makeup so I wanted to be just like them, peer pressure much? When I turned 16 I started to wear mascara and nothing else for my first half of the first year of 6th form. When I turned 17 I discovered Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I’d never seen anything like it before and I loved how it felt on my skin. I continued to use Dream Matte Mousse until about a year and half/two years ago; I loved it that much and I never thought I’d stop wearing it. As well as foundation, I discovered glitter eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and blusher. I’ve made some mistakes with going overboard on eyeliner before, cringe!

About a year and a half ago I got really bad spots and my skin was awful. I decided to swap to liquid foundation. I got on well with liquid foundation but I hate how obvious it was on my face. It made my skin look just as bad because it sat on top of spots making them even more obvious. I hated wearing liquid foundation but at the time it was the only thing that I felt would help my confidence a little. Then in the summer of 2012 I moved on to mineral foundation because my skin was a lot better and I wanted something lighter in the summer. Moving to mineral foundation is the best thing I’ve ever done in terms of makeup! My skin looks so much better and I’ve been told I look more fresh-faced. I also use less eye makeup and only wear mascara, a nude eyeshadow sometimes and a little bit of eyeliner. Although I think I look even younger than I do normally with less makeup on, I feel more confident now. For the daytime I’ve got the look down to a key and it allows me to add a bit more eyeshadow or eyeliner for a night time look.

I only wear makeup when I go out, never when I’m sat at home relaxing. I honestly don’t see the point when people wear makeup and they’re not leaving the house! If I need to pop to the shops I don’t bother putting makeup on, although I did put foundation and concealer on back in the bad skin days! It’s nice to let skin breathe so if I’m not leaving the house I’m fresh faced all day and as soon as I get home if I’ve been out the makeup is straight off! I used to leave taking my makeup off until I was going to bed but I hate the feeling of having makeup on if I’m at home so I take it straight off.

I terms of why I wear makeup, it’s to boost my confidence. I don’t wear makeup to attract guys or to make guys like me more, in fact guys usually prefer girls to not wear makeup or only a little. I feel much more confident with makeup on, even if it’s only a little which is what I wear now. I wear mineral foundation to boost my complexion, not to hide it like I used to. I used to hide behind makeup but now I wear it to enhance my features.

Why do you wear makeup? I’d love to see your posts on this tag!
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Update 23/9/12

Albert Dock | Hello Kitty onesie, the feet are so cute! | Did lots of shopping in Liverpool… | Tea and Millie’s cookie = heaven | Some Liverpool purchases | Chillin’ | Hello Kitty! | Me and Danya on the news!

I didn’t take many Instagram photos in Liverpool because I wanted to take more on my camera as they are better quality and I wanted to come home with some proper photos. The highlight of my week (after Liverpool of course!) was getting interviewed for the news! Me and Danya were shopping in Leeds city centre when a Look North journalist (BBC regional news for Yorkshire) stopped us in the street to ask us some questions. She had a map of the UK without city names on and asked us to point out where different places are. We were cut to about a 5 second clip, but I set my SKY + for it as she said it would be on the Saturday morning breakfast news. It was really cool to meet a BBC journalist because as you some may already know I did some work experience at ITV’s regional news for Yorkshire a couple of months ago so I’ve had a taste of both sides! You can read about my trip to Liverpool here! Have a lovely week guys!
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Friday, 21 September 2012

Liverpool 2012

1 – Standard hotel bathroom mirror photo | 2 – River Mersey | 3 – Albert Dock | 4 – Me (rather wind-swept) and a Super Lambanana | 5 – Beatles exhibition at the Liverpool Museum | 6 – More Beatles at the Liverpool Museum | 7 – Me and Anna | 8 – Items from the Titanic wreckage | 9 – Flooring at the Maritime museum.

Liverpool is one of my favourite places to visit in England; I’ve been three times now in the past year and a bit and I absolutely adore the place. I took loads of photos but I didn’t want to overload you with photos so I picked a selection to show you! We went shopping a lot, the shops are amazing! We also went to two free museums, the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool. The Maritime museum has loads of cool stuff based on the sea (hence the name), including some bits of clothing that were worn by Titanic survivors. There was also a separate Titanic exhibition on (on until April 2013) with some amazing things in including some actual items that were brought up from the wreckage (photo 8). I love boats and anything to do with the Titanic and the sea and if you’re like similar things then the Maritime museum is definitely something to check out! The Museum of Liverpool is more diverse and has exhibitions on The Beatles and other Liverpool bits. Both museums are free and definitely worth a check out because both are amazing! We ate at The Pump House on our second day and it’s somewhere you must go! The food is typical pub grub and is fairly priced. I had a beef burger with cheese and it was the best burger I’ve ever had! 

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Update 16/9/12

Found my Furby Baby when I was clearing out my room | Listography book | One of the least awkward pages in the book (favourite sex positions anyone? :|) | Made an Instagram collage for my wall | Bunny jumper | Dressing up for a trip to Morrisons, always fashion first | Harry Potter day on my day off | Painting my nails Models Own ‘Pink Fizz’ for Liverpool.

I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow! So excited! It’s come around so quickly, usually I have trips planned for 6 months in advance but Liverpool has only been planned and book for around two months. I also had my holiday with my family too, so it’s I kind of forgot about it until a couple of weeks beforehand. I’ll of course post photos from my trip when I get back. I haven’t had time to schedule any posts for while I’m away so from today until at least Friday (I get back Thursday) you’ll have nothing to read; really sorry guys! But feel free to have a read through old posts, although I’ll apologise for the cringyness and awkwardness of some of my old posts. Enjoy!
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Stars spell out your name like in a science fiction drama

Top / New Look
Super soft skinny jeans / Primark
Studded ballet pumps / Internacionale
Spike necklace / New Look
Skull bracelet / Internacionale

This is kind of an outfit post, only using Instagram photos that have the worst composition ever. I’ve only done two (if my memory serves me right!) outfit posts before because my Dad’s tripod is hidden somewhere (and broken I think) and I’ve yet to buy myself one. I wore this on Thursday to pop to Morrisons (exciting times I know) and then for a takeaway tea later on. I love these Primark super soft jeans, I have these grey ones and a mid blue wash. I want to buy some black ones and other washes when I go to Liverpool because they’re so comfy and I find them really flattering. I’m wearing my Internacionale studded pumps a lot at the moment because they're so comfy and I’ve had a few compliments on my bracelet too! I’ve had this shirt for ages, I got it in the sale about a year ago for about £5 and it goes with anything!
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The finishing touches

Here are my favourite corners of my room since I had a clearout and bought nice new things! My room hasn’t been re-decorated but I have fairly nice walls (lilac) and I like my floor (floorboards painted white), I just hate how my furniture doesn’t match! Oh well, it looks ok for now! I’m happy with how well some areas turned out, like my dressing table looks clutter free for once. I made the Instagram collage too although I want to change some of the photos, but it will just be a case of printing off individual ones and stick over the ones I want to change. I’ve had the bunting and the ‘Keep calm and drink tea’ sign displayed for about a year, but they look a lot better with the extra bits I’ve added to my room. I’m popping to The Range at some point during the week because I’m obsessed with buying bits for my room and they have some really nice cheap bits there!
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Home haul

Cream basket - TK Maxx, Pink bullet bin - Wilkinson, Cream kitchen utensil pots - Wilkinson, Pink and blue floral boxes - TK Maxx, Metal lavender pot - TK Maxx, Love Listography journal - TK Maxx

Unfortunately I take after my mother (who takes after my Grandad) when it comes to hoarding. I’m not as bad as my Mum (sorry Mum!) but in the past I saved magazines from over a year ago and hoarded stuff that I ironically thought would ‘come in use someday’. That day never came for half of the stuff I had, so I relentlessly chucked a load of stuff out. I now throw magazines away after I’ve read them and try to keep my room looking nice and tidy. I’d prefer a whole load of new furniture so my room can look something like this but I’m saving that for when the time comes for me to move out. 

In the past week I’ve been on a mega home bits and bobs spree and I’ve bought a few bits to make my room look a bit more coordinated. The two cream pots are actually kitchen utensil pots from Wilko and were only £2.50 each. I bought one for my makeup brushes and one for my hairbrushes. I’m also tempted to get another one for my bracelets that I tend to wear all the time because they're just dumped on my dressing table at the moment. The bin was also from Wilko and was reduced from £6.00 to £4.50, I love the bright pink! I bought some stuff from my favourite shop at the moment, TK Maxx. TK Maxx is best for beauty/makeup stuff, shoes and home ware. I’ve only ever bought one jumper because I can never be bothered to look through the rails. I get all giddy when I reach the makeup section (hello £7.99 Essie 4 packs?) and even giddier when I reach the home ware section! I really can’t wait until the day I buy my first home because I will spend so much time and money there! I bought the cream basket for £4.99 and I’m using it to house all my hair products and perfume, which are currently stored in an unattractive blue plastic basket. The gorgeous little lavender basket was £3.99 and is going to hold the essentials I use everyday on my dressing table, like deodorant, cleanser etc. The floral and polka dot boxes were £1.49 (pink) and £1.99 (blue), how cheap?! The love listography book was a random purchase and I feel so indie buying it! I didn’t realise it was a love one until I got home because I didn’t really browse through it much before I got it and it has kind of awkward things in it like ‘favourite sex positions’. Oh dear.
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Monday, 10 September 2012

Becoming healthy the 'Katie way'

Image via WeHeartIt

Firstly I’ll apologise for the crap title, I really couldn’t think of one and secondly for the essay length post! If you manage to get to the bottom – thank you! I’ve been thinking about doing a post on weight loss/healthy eating for a while because for the past year I’ve been watching my weight and what I eat, so I decided to finally do a post now because I feel like I can help gives tips etc more now than when I just started.

I’ve always been chubby in my teens. I wasn’t particularly a chubby kid when I was younger but as I got into my teens and onwards the weight slowly piled on. When I was 17 (2007) I decided to try and lose some weight. For about six months I cut out crisps/chocolate/junk food and went to the gym three times a week. I lost a stone in 6 months and I felt great. I was still planning to lose more weight but I slowly reduced going to the gym to two times a week, then to once a week then to never. I didn’t really have the motivation back then to carry on and I put the weight back on. Fast forward to 2011 when I met my super skinny ex and the motivation to lose weight came back fighting. I didn’t want to be the ‘bigger one’ in the relationship and at the time I was. A girl never wants to be the bigger person in the relationship; naturally men are bigger than women (in height, weight, build). In fact I was bigger than him in nearly all three (he was more or less the same height than me).

So this started an epic bid to lose weight, become slim and healthy. I nearly cried when I weighed myself for the first time in nearly three years and I decided that to get to the weight I personally wanted to be, I needed to lose four stone. Sounds a lot but I know that it’s a healthy weight that I need to be. I’ve lost just under two stone (although I keep putting on a couple of pounds then loosing them again, then putting another pound on….etc) so I’m about half way there. Why I wanted to write about this is because I’ve had loads of people ask me if I’ve lost weight and how I’ve done it (I’ll list how I have later on!). People have told me I look really slim and it’s boosted my confidence SO much. I personally can’t seem much of a change but it puts a massive smile on my face when someone comments on my weight loss. I’ll give you guys some tips how I’ve done it!

  • Calorie counting – Some people say don’t calorie count, some people say do. I personally feel that for me I have to. I realised that because I snacked A LOT before, I was probably going way over the 2000 limit a day for women. I don’t count everything I eat but I try to make sure I don’t go over 2000 kcals a day. Also, if you do calorie count, do not let it take over your life! Do it a healthy and safe way!
  • Eat less – As I mentioned before I snacked a lot. I’d have my lunch, then later before I tea I’d get a bit hungry so I’d have a packet of crisps and a chocolate biscuit. Not only is that adding about 400 calories, I soon learned when I changed my eating habits that it reduced my hunger for about 15 minutes, if that, then I'd get hungry again.
  • Set better eating patterns – Before I’d usually skip breakfast, pig out at lunch, snack throughout the day then have my tea. I now have more organised meals, a breakfast, lunch and tea.
  • Still treat yourself! – Yeah I still have crisps, chocolate and even takeaways! But I’ll have a packet of crisps with a sandwich and instead of having half a bar of the big bars of Dairy Milk; I’ll have a few squares. I still have takeaways, but I make sure that throughout the day I’ll have lighter options than usual, like soup for lunch instead of a sandwich.
  • Become a gym bunny – I say this but I don’t go to the gym all the time! In fact I haven’t actually been in about of month or so! But I do enjoy exercising, so if you have the time, try the gym once a week. People can lose loads of weight just by eating better and not going to the gym but exercise helps and it does feel really good after two hours in the gym!
  • Remember you’re not on a diet – If I was to lose all the weight I want to and then start eating like I did before, the weight will come piling back on! It’s hard to not be one of those people who can eat loads and not put weight on but I’ve faced facts a long time ago so I’m changing my eating habits for good.

I hope this has helped if you were thinking of changing your eating habits or wanting to lose weight. I’m not an expert but I feel like I can give tips on where I’ve gone right and where I’ve gone wrong! Remember, you’re beautiful no matter what size you are.
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Update 9/8/12

New layout! | Hardly get any post any more so it's a bonus to get two things in one day!

Sorry for the abysmal update this week. I’ve had one of those surreal, odd weeks that come around every once in a while. I’ve literally been M.I.A from Twitter and Instagram for most of the week because I really wasn’t in the mood! I found out Wednesday night after I finished work that my Nanna and Grandad were burgled Wednesday afternoon whilst they were out shopping. The only material things that were taken were my Grandad’s laptop and some tubs of change that my Nanna had. The burglars entered by smashing through the living window at the back of their house, but because they have double glazing, the first pane of glass was smashed and then they cut out the second pane to get in. My grandparents are absolutely distraught, they’re in their 70s and it’s hard for someone who’s paid taxes and worked for 50 odd years of their life to have someone break into their house and takes things that they’ve worked so hard for. So I spent the rest of the week spending time with them and helping my family try and get insurance and police stuff sorted so my grandparents don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, I've learned to ‘stop being a pussy all the time’ (wise words from my brother there!) this week and that sometimes you have to take risks otherwise you end up regretting the 'what ifs' in life.

Have a great week guys! Oh by the way, I go to Liverpool a week on Monday, excited!
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Matalan clutch

Matalan oversized envelope clutch
(sorry for my chunky thighs, I did have shorts on but are hidden by the bag!)

I bought this clutch whilst I was on holiday for a cool £8! I saw it the day before I actually bought it, but didn’t end up buying it because it was near closing time and I couldn’t be bothered to queue in the massive queue, lazyyy. So the next day I decided to make a quick stop and get it. I was obsessed with this burgundy colour last autumn/winter and I know I’m going to be just as obsessed this year. In fact, I bought this top I’m wearing in the photo on holiday (New Look) which is basically the same colour. I plan to use it during the day and dress it down and use it at night too. It’s a nice size so it fits night time essentials and the basic stuff I use during the day in nicely, sweet! I’ve not been able to use it yet for during the day because every time I’ve gone out it’s either raining and I can’t fit an umbrella in (can’t quite fit everything in then) or I’m planning on serious shopping and I need a bag with handles for that!

Note: This is a sechule post (sorrweee!!) as I’m at work at the moment. I don’t often schedule posts for when I’m at work but from Tuesday until Saturday I’m working lates so I don’t really have much time to do some posts before or after work.
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