Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's in my bag

This probably isn’t a true representation of what’s in my bag because I change my bag ALL THE TIME. I change it depending on what outfit I’m wearing as some bags look better than others with certain outfits ~girl problems~. I’ve been using this one I got from H&M about three years ago a lot because it’s a nice shape, size and sits nicely on my arm. Plus because it’s black and a classic style, it goes with most outfits!

I’m not one for having a million things kicking about in my bag; I hate clutter and disorganisation so random bits of crap I don’t need kicking around is a no-no for me! So I just have the basic and essential things I need when I’m out. My purse is from New Look, I’m a sucker for bows so I had to get this when I saw it. It’s such a lovely colour too! I always have my iPod with me, bus journeys are awful without music. My phone is an obvious essential too! I always have a mini makeup bag with me, usually bought from H&M because they always do cute and cheap makeup bags. I never really take any makeup out with me, only my Rimmel Clear Complexion powder for touching up and maybe a lipstick, although I don’t have one in my bag at the moment. I have two compact mirrors, one Jack Wills and the other Chanel. I don’t really know why I have two if I’m honest! I like to have some hand gel too, I always have to wash my hands a lot because I hate having mucky hands and it’s handy to have to you’re going to eat when you’re out. I got Kate Moss Lilabelle from a friend from work for my birthday this year and it smells so lovely and the bottle is cute. Lastly some paracetamol because I tend to get headaches a lot, usually when I’m tired and they’re always handy to have in my bag!

Katie xo

This post is scheduled as I’m currently on holiday from 18th - 25th August! All comments will be read when I get back. I will still be on Twitter and Instagram whilst I’m away; Twitter - @hellokatiex | Instagram - @katiebaby_

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