Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Update 5/8/12

One Direction lanyard from Party in the Park | Pound shop treats | Puppy love | Pretty cheesy album but still love it! | Primark men’s section is the best | One Direction love

I’ve hardly taken any photos this week because I’ve been doing a bit of overtime at work, so I’ve not had that much free time this week. I went shopping on Monday, well I hardly bought anything but I did get those amazing 101 Dalmatians pyjamas from Primark. I’m considering wearing the top as a normal top rather than wear it in bed, what’s the deal with wearing pjs as normal daytime clothes? The top is quite long so I’ll only wear it tucked into jeans and shorts, otherwise it’ll look obvious that it’s a pj top!

I’m working tomorrow and Tuesday, both 12 hour shifts and Tuesday is a 5pm-5am night shift. Then I’m done for 3 weeks! I’m planning lots of posts during the time I’m off including some baking since I haven’t done any in forever!

Katie xo

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  1. That 101 Dalmatians top is so cute! Oh my gosh, I want one. :'D
    - Rhiannon