Friday, 27 July 2012

Work experience: The day!

The photo above is from a protest I went to when I was with ITV Yorkshire in Leeds city centre. I took it on my phone and it’s the only image I got from my work experience because obviously I couldn’t sit in the newsroom taking photos. I had the best day ever, it was really tiring day but it was so surreal and I really enjoy myself! I’ll give you guys a run-through of my day and give you some little tips here and there for anyone who is going to be doing any work experience in newsrooms!

I got there about half 8, I wasn’t due in till 9am but ALWAYS get there earlier than you’re due in and I mean early, early, not just 5/10 minutes before you’re due in. I was at Calendar News, which is ITV’s regional news for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I met all the producers, web editors etc who were all lovely and friendly! I got to sit in on the 9am meeting, in which the producer filled in on all the staff who was doing what and what stories they would be covering. After the meeting I was told I would be working with journalist Sally Simpson, who usually reads the Calendar Daybreak news. We went out into Leeds city centre to get footage and interview people who were taking part in a peaceful protest on the M.O.Ds plan to cut 20,000 soldiers from the army. The protest was a lot smaller than we expected, but we went along with a camera man and we got some footage of the protest and Sally also interviewed some of the protestors. When we got back, we transferred the footage from film to digital and Sally wrote the script for the story. Also, make sure to ask loads of questions, it’s important to show how interested and enthusiastic you are to be there! Once that had done, I got the chance to watch the lunch news go out live from the gallery which was seriously exciting! We then had lunch and although it’s tempting to go out for lunch or sit on your own in the canteen, try and mingle with the staff! Two lovely ladies showed me where the canteen was and I sat with them and two guys, one was the web editor and another was a producer. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get advice in a more informal atmosphere. When I came back from lunch, I was working with a guy who edited footage and adds voice-overs and music to create packages ready for going out live. I was with a reporter too and I watched them put together this package which was the ‘And Finally’ piece in the 6pm news. It was unreal seeing the footage put together, from just being plain footage, to adding the music and voice-over to then seeing it go out on TV! To end my day I got to watch the 6pm teatime news go out live too! It was a really exciting and long day, but I had the most amazing day ever. It really was surreal, at one point I was sat in the newsroom and the presenters casually walk past. I really had to try and not look too star struck! Also after the evening news finished, I lost my bearings at one point (so many corridors!) and I turned round to find one of the weather presenters, Jon Mitchell right behind me! He kindly showed me the way out! Also, it’s ideal to email whoever sorted your work experience out to thank them after you’ve completed your work experience! I emailed the lady on Wednesday thanking her, it just shows how appreciative you are!

Katie xo

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  1. Oh wow that sounds like an awesome experience! So glad that you enjoyed yourself :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx