Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Work experience attire

The photos are a bit crappy, I was going to borrow my Dad’s Nikon but the battery was dead so I had to use my camera which is in desperate need of an update! These are two outfits I have in mind for my day’s work experience at ITV Yorkshire. I already have most of it planned, it’s literally just a choice of two tops that I can’t decide on! The trousers are from George at Asda  and I bought them especially for my work experience. I wanted some smart trousers that were ‘trendy’ and not the bog standard boot cut ones I had to wear for school and work. I was originally going to wear some slipper shoes that I bought (featured in third image) but when I wore them out for the first time, it resulted in them rubbing the back of my feet to the point where they was blood on the back of my jeans and the back of my shoes! So it’s probably not the best idea to wear these for a full day of possibly running around! Are these loafers ok? I wasn’t sure if they were smart enough but they are one of my comfiest pair of flats. I’m swayed towards the top in the first image, but I wasn’t sure if it was too ‘busy’? My Mum said I should go for that one over the one in the second image, but I desperately want second opinions! I’m also wearing a simple plain black cardigan, which is currently in the wash! I’m using my Zara bag which should fit everything I need, including a notebook etc. I’m going to keep my makeup simple and jewellery pretty simple, probably just a simple necklace and a couple of bracelets. Does this sound good guys? Let me know if I should change anything! I’m worried that I won’t look smart enough; then again I don’t want to dress too old! Thank you!

Katie xo


  1. I'd go for the first blouse with a black cardi, and wear a watch in place of bracelets, still fashionable but functional too in case it's more formal than you expect?x

  2. I really love both tops! Please let us know how you get on at ITV, it sounds amazing! x