Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Update 29/7/12

Ready for ITV Yorkshire! | Treat after my day at ITV | Snack at work | Lush salad I made | Too many key-rings? I actually only have 2 keys on there… | Harry in Grazia magazine! | Breakfast on a sunny morning in my garden | Finally got the dress I’ve wanted for ages, in the sale too!

It’s been such a good week for me; the weather has been amazing over the past couple of weeks! It’s finally began to feel a bit more like July! Tuesday was my day at ITV Yorkshire, which I’ve gone into detail about my day here. It was the most amazing day, so surreal and exciting! I’m going on holiday with my parents and my brother in a few weeks, the exact dates I’m going is 18th to 25th August. I’m going to Scarborough which is on the Yorkshire coast and I’m really excited just to get away for a week! I have a week off work before I go away too, but because my shifts have changed at work due to a refit, I get slightly longer off work, so it works out I have three weeks off work, excited! I going to try and get some posts scheduled in the week before I go away so you guys have something to read whilst I’m away! Have a nice week guys!

Katie xo

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your day at ITV! Have a fab 3 weeks off, I love Scarborough =)