Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday Update 22/7/12

Granola with pineapple yoghurt | Found 4 Harry Potter t-shirts from when I was 11 and they still fit! | What I wore to the pub | I always re-read Harry Potter every summer! | Areo orange and the mint one is so good! | People laugh when I tell them I’m 22, forever looking 12! | Checking the line-up for PITP! | PITP outfit | Ticket! | Looking through photos I took, thank god my Dad’s camera has an 18x zoom!

Hope you’ve all had a good week guys! I couldn’t post this yesterday because I was at Party in the Park all day! It was such an amazing day, the atmosphere was amazing and the acts were incredible! I’m going to post photos of the day sometime during the week too! It was a really long day, the main acts ran from 2pm-6pm and it was a really hot day but it was totally worth it! One Direction was there too, which were obviously the best act there! It was so amazing seeing them live too and it got me more excited for when I see them next March!

Also I’m at ITV Yorkshire tomorrow for my day’s work placement! I’m so excited but nervous too. It will definitely be an amazing experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m spending all of today sorting things out, making sure I have my clothes and bag ready, and I’m going to read through some tips for work placements that I got online. I’ll also let you guys know how it goes at some point during the week!

Katie xo


  1. Babe good luck tomorrow! :D You'll be fine & enjoy every minute of it. :D xxxxxx

  2. Glad you enjoyed PITP. Good luck with your placement!