Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunday Update 1/7/12

Mickey Mouse PJ bottoms, so cute! | 4 cheese pizza is the best | Caramel and toffee cheesecake for my Dad’s birthday | 6 pack of Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg <3 | Started re-reading Harry Potter, I do this EVERY year! | You Me At Six wristbands | Getting back in Tumblr after way too long | Epic rain down my street | Always love The Hills, Lauren’s so gorgeous! | Complete Race For Life for the 3rd year running!

Apologies for the long post this week! I didn’t do an update last Sunday, I can’t remember why to be honest! So this is two weeks worth of photos, hence why it’s so long this week! There was 4 more photos that I added too, but Photobucket is annoying and resized any images above a certain size, so I had to cut some out! The only way you can get the original size on Photobucket is to get a Pro account which has a monthly charge! I’ve started to re-ready Harry Potter which I’ve done every year since I got into the books when I was 9/10. I always do it every summer which seems kinda of OCD and sad but it’s always because when I was younger obviously you got 6 weeks off school in the summer and that was always the time I could properly sit down and read the books. I’m more looking forward to getting to The Goblet of Fire and all the ones after because I haven’t read those ones as much! Also me and Anna did the Race For Life yesterday! It was our third year that we did it! The first two years we walked the 5km track but this year because we’re both fitter, we decided to jog it. We ended up having to stop half the time because people we’re either in our way or there was LOADS of puddles and thick mud because of the rain we’ve been having! We’re going to train and run it next year!

I also have some really exciting news as well! I can’t say what it is yet until I get the confirmation sent to me, then I can spill! It’s something I’ve wanted for ages and I’m just really excited! Hopefully I’ll find out in the week so then I’ll let you guys know! Have a good week!
Katie xo

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  1. Well done for doing Race For Life! That's amazing. Also love watch re-runs of The Hills ;) x