Saturday, 7 July 2012

Moo business cards

Moo are currently offering a free sample pack of business cards which include 10 cards and also free P&P, so there’s no charge at all. I haven’t given that much thought into getting business cards for my blog before, I’ve seen people get them before but I personally don’t see my blog as my ‘job’, just something I do because I enjoy it. I can’t remember why I decided to look into getting some, but I’ve heard of Moo before. When I saw they we’re giving 10 for free, I decided why not? The process is the same as it would be if you were buying them, just you can’t remove the Moo watermark, which you can do (with a charge) if you are buying them. I uploaded my main image for the front and then just added text to the back with all my details on. If I put more thought into it I would have probably created a graphic with my details in, like I did for the front but in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered at the time! I ordered them Monday afternoon and they came Thursday. I’m really pleased with them too! I choose the ‘green’ paper rather than the ‘Moo Classic’ because I thought I’d prefer the matte finish, plus it’s more environmentally friendly! I’m not sure if I’d pay for them, purely based on the fact that I wouldn't put them to use that often. I do like how you can get different effects, like the rounded corner ones which if I WAS to get some, I’d get the rounded corner ones!

Do you have business cards for your blog? Please be aware this is not a sponsored post AT ALL, just my completely unbiased opinions on a freebie worth mentioning!

Katie xo

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  1. I love moo cards, they are so much better quality than others, they are excellent for the freebies too (:

    Eleanor x