Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello Kitty x Vans

Shoes (3rd and 4th only) and backpack available from Office and Schuh
Whoever thought of a Hello Kitty and Vans collaboration is an absolute genius. Vans are my favourite footwear brand of all time and I absolutely adore Hello Kitty! I’ve loved Vans for years and my Vans Authentics in navy are my fave shoes ever! I love the whole skater/BMXer image and my ex skateboarded too (last mention of him, promise!) so I love how Vans look and they’re so comfy too. Without wanting to sound too indie, I do hate how everyone seems to have a pair now even though they don’t really know what Vans represent as a brand! I’ve tried to track down the clothing items but I think they might have just been realised in the US because I can’t seem to find them, please let me know if you find a stockist! I really really want the bag even though I won’t use it that much! I also bought the 4th pair, the Authentic blue pair as a payday treat on Friday. I can’t wait for them to come! I didn’t realise Vans had done a Hello Kitty collaboration until I saw the blue pair on the Office website and I did a little research and came across these beautiful goodies! What do you think of the Hello Kitty and Vans collaboration? Let me know what you think guys!

Katie xo


  1. I love this! Hello Kitty is so kitsch and cute, putting them on Vans is genius :) I love the pink ones, plus, they're so comfy, I think I need a pair! Haha :)

    Much love,
    Gillian, Etc

  2. I like your taste, it is too cute :3 and of the topic a bit, I love your blog layout <3

    oh and the "(last mention of him, promise!)" made me laugh xox

  3. Oh my gosh, this just brought back so many childhood memories of buying endless Hello Kitty merchandise. Is that a bow on the high tops? Amazing.